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Goldfinch Flight Academy

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Up to 3% of total GFI supply

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How to Participate

  1. Complete the protocol registration process here
  2. Join our Discord by clicking here.
  3. Sign the participation agreement in the #flight-prep channel.
  4. Click the red :bird: emoji to unlock additional program channels.
  5. Review the content below and get started!

Estimated Program Timing

  • Sept 13 - Announcement
  • Week of Sept 20 - Module 1, Flight Basics - Introduction to the Goldfinch Protocol and the Backer Role
  • Week of Sept 27 - Module 2, Flight Training - Due Diligence Part I: Team, Product, and Macro Factors
  • Week of Oct 4 - Module 3, Flight Training - Due Diligence Part II: Financials and Portfolio Analysis
  • Week of Oct 11 - Module 4, Flight Training - Deal Structuring: Terms Sheets and Loan Agreements
  • Week of Oct 18 - Module 5, Test Flight - Completing Your Own Practice Analysis
  • Week of Oct 25 - Awards Ceremony

Flight Academy Curriculum

Week 1, Flight Basics - Introduction to Goldfinch

Module 1 content and meme contest information coming on or around September 20th.

Ongoing Activities

While you are waiting for Flight Academy content to be posted, there are many other ways to get involved with the Backer Community! Here are some of the other ways to get involved:

  1. Follow Goldfinch on twitter, and retweet the Goldfinch tweet announcing the Flight Academy - OR - share a tweet about DeFi that relates to the Goldfinch protocol and tag @goldfinch_fi.
  2. Invite friends to participate in the Flight Academy
  3. Make meaningful suggestions for ways to improve the protocol design for Backers
  4. Giving and receiving community values emojis
  5. Participate in product testing (when available)
  6. Participate in Backer calls and surveys (when available)

Note: please make sure to read the Token Allocation Rubric below, and to provide proof of any activities you complete!

Mission & Community Values

Below are the mission and values of the Backer community. The health of the community depends on how well the community embodies these values.


The Goldfinch community is building a decentralized credit platform that empowers financial inclusion. The protocol will do this by improving the affordability of and access to debt capital.

Backer Community Values

Contribution - we strive to add value to the community, and to help the community understand new Borrower Pools

General Examples:

  • Translating educational content into another language
  • Providing in-depth analyses of new deals

Collaboration - we work together with other Backers to build the community and protocol and to understand new Borrower Pools

General Examples:

  • Hosting training events or discussion sessions for the community
  • Explaining complex deal structuring concepts to other Backers

Diligence - we aim to be professional and meticulous in our approach to due diligence, deal structuring, and improving the protocol

General Examples:

  • Asking thoughtful questions to Borrowers about deal structure
  • Participating in product testing and making suggestions for improvements

Growth - we are committed to improving ourselves, the Backer community, and the experience of all Goldfinch protocol participants

General Examples:

  • Watching the training videos from the Flight Academy
  • Referring friends to to join the Goldfinch Discord

Reenforcing Community Values

Everyone in the Backer community should make an effort to reenforce the community values above. This can be done by reacting to Discord posts and content using a different emoji to represent which value you think the post or content best embodies.

🎁 (:gift:) should be used for Contribution

Example: someone provides an excellent guide explaining the difference between Backers and Senior Pool LPs.

🤝 (:handshake:) should be used for Collaboration

Example: someone provides an excellent answer to someone else's question.

🧐 (:monocle:) should be used for Diligence

Example: someone identifies a small but very important detail in due diligence materials.

🌱 (:seedling:) should be used for Growth

*Example: someone shares that they've invited 100 new followers from a telegram group they participate in. *****

Note: Giving and receiving values emojis may help community members to earn additional token allocations.

Token Allocations, Lock-Ups & Awards


  • Up to 3% of GFI tokens will be allocated across all iterations of the program
  • The amount of individual rewards is based on quality and depth of participation
  • Tokens will likely be granted at the time of GFI launch (Metamask addresses will be collected later for this)
  • Tokens will be subject to a 2-year lock up starting from launch, with a 1/24 of tokens unlocked monthly. US participants may be subject to a 1 year cliff.
  • While tokens are locked, Backers can still use them for utility purposes in the protocol including staking and governance votes

Token Allocation Rubric

Below is a rubric containing a basic guide on which types of activities will be awarded with token allocation. Keep in mind that giving and receiving values emojis may help community members to earn additional token allocations.

Flight Academy Activities

Spreading the Word Activities

Improving the Protocol Activities

Weekly Meme Contest Activities

Determining Allocations

At the end of the program, select members of the community will review all contributions and tally allocations for participants based on the rubrics above. Exact allocations will not be made public.


Winners of these awards will be granted new roles in Discord to represent their respective awards. These roles will be assigned during the closing week of the first run of the Backer Program. In the future, the community may mint NFTs to represent these awards.

Culture Keeper (4) - 4 of these awards are given (one for each value); the award goes to the person who most embodies a certain value. This may also be the person who has the highest number of value emojis. This is among our highest distinctions.

Meme Master (4-5) - win the meme contest during a given week, as voted on by the community.

Golden Backer (1) - the participant with the highest allocation at the end of the Flight Academy.

Credit Apprentice (unlimited) - anyone who does reasonably well on the module assessments and flight test, and who asks questions to the Goldfinch team / community.

Credit Practitioner (unlimited) - anyone who completes all assessments, the flight test and challenge activities reasonably well, as well as at least two supplemental learning assignments.

Credit Master (unlimited) - anyone who completes all challenge activities with expert results. You must also create a significant amount of training content and/or answer a significant amount of community questions to help train the community.


The goal of the Flight Academy is to provide the Backer community with basic vocabulary and tools for them to start evaluating debt capital markets deals. The program will also aim to establish community values and set community norms.

Activity Type

All Activity


13 Sep 2021 18:00(UTC+3) - 25 Oct 2021 12:00(UTC+3)



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