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Gitshock Labs Team also is recently publish a task for blockchain enthusiasts to transact on the test-network as much as possible before the we publish the registration form.

Today the total transactions on Gitshock Testnet Buitenzorg Chain is more than 3.8 Million transactions and will be adding as more users transact on it. Do remember that the test networks is prepared for incentivized testnet tasks with several series. The details you can check on

Roadmaps of Testnet Program

Based on Gitshock Finance’s network characters and also the native applications Gitshock Labs divided the testnet into 5 series.

  1. Node testing for Gitshock Chain Testnet
  2. Gitshock Native Apps Test
  3. Node testing for Cosmos Based Neware Chain Waves #1 — Arnhemia
  4. Node testing for Cosmos Based Neware Chain Waves #2 — Batavia Series
  5. Node testing for Cosmos Based Neware Chain Waves #3 — Cartenz


  • Your public career portofolios (you can use github profile or other): any EVM chains developers, cosmos ecosystem developers, blockchain validator services and any crypto enthusiast devs are welcome to join.
  • Your testnet kit resource availability: after we published the testnet tasks, it may require you to use some cloud services with specific specifications which may charge your balance to use it.
  • Your interactions on Gitshock Chain testnet: whether by doing random transaction or something else are accepted as transactions.The project has published the customized RPC which for Gitshock Buitenzorg which you can use to start random transactions on Gitshock technical document.

Pool Rewards for Winners

The total pool rewards for dual chain node testers & dapps testers are 6 Million GTFX for all testnet tasks series + Verified Testers NFTs for each testnet series. We aim to have 1K limited participants who will commit to participate the testnet tasks from the beginning till it ends.

About Gitshock Finance

Gitshock Finance is a blockchain project created on Cosmos which aims to assist people in building new smart contracts, tokens and private blockchains w/o codes. Gitshock finance builds on Cosmos and several top EVM Chains (Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum, Polygon, Solana, Avalance, Aurora, Metis and Fantom).




Gitshock Finance recently deployed a new EVM chain called Gitshock Chain Testing Network or Gitshock Buitenzorg Chain. The aim for creating this blockchain network is to test the capability and user experiences for preparing the main network, called Gitshock Chain, a working, fully-operational EVM blockchain, as part of Gitshock’s Dual Proof of Stake Chain framework.

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Incentivized testnet


from 10 Dec 2022 19:52(UTC+3)



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You can participate(Event started, Registration open)