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Harmony & Gitcoin Virtual Hackathon

Harmony & Gitcoin Virtual Hackathon

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What is Harmony?

Harmony is a proof-of-stake, sharded, EVM-compatible blockchain with 5 second finality and low costs.

What is Horizon?

Horizon is a bi-directional bridge that connects Ethereum and Harmony. Connecting these two vibrant communities enables the free flow of assets and protocols across each other and allows developers to take advantage of inherent strength in each protocol.

How long is the hackathon?

  • Nov 9, Open registration
  • Nov 17, Hackathon begins
  • Jan 18, Closing Ceremonies
  • Jan 19-24, Judging
  • Jan 25, Winners Announced


Team are awarding up to $50,000 in Harmony ONE Tokens plus the addition of other prizes provided by generous hackathon prize partners.


Hackathon Prize Partners


Judges and Mentors

Team've assembled an amazing list of judges and mentors to help you during the hackathon and to judge hacker submission after the hackathon. Team're super thankful to each one for participating.



Who can participate in the Hackathon?

If you're a hacker, builder, designer team want you. The hackathon is open to individuals and small teams and must be 13 years or older to participate. Teams are limited to no more than 4 members.

I want to join a team, what do I do?

Before and during the hackathon, team'll provide ways for you to find other team members and to form a team. More details on this later.

What's up with the workshops?

Before and during the hackathon, team'll provide opportunities for developers and hackers to learn and apply what you're learning. Team want you to learn and grow and, team hope, that you'll come up with an amazing app to submit for judging. Workshops will range from "how-to" to panel interviews with technical leaders in blockchain.

What are your submission requirements?

First and foremost, team want you to build on Harmony. Preference will go to submissions that utilize the Ethereum-to-Harmony Horizon Bridge. Team'll publish a wish-list of applications team want to see on Harmony in a blog post soon. Of course, all submissions need to be linked to a public Github repository and if, selected, be ready to join demo day and present your submission as a team.

Do you have a grant program?

Yes. Ultimately, team don't want a bunch of applications submitted that have no users and are dead-on-arrival. Team want to continue to support a select handful of projects by fast-tracking them through Grant program. One of the workshops will discuss Grant process. More on that later. But, yes, team do have a Grant program and would love for all submissions to be sooooo gooooood that each one receives a Grant and further support after the hackathon.

What's your Code of Conduct?

Be Respectful: Be kind to all participants and supportive of each other. No insults, verbal threats, or put downs will be tolerated. If you have to say something, be constructive. Team're all here to learn. Go be a jerk elsewhere, not here.

Be Welcoming: Team celebrate the open source community and that means team are welcoming. This hackathon is open to everyone in the world. So be cool and inclusive.

Do Something New: In an environment where everything is forked every farm imaginable is copied, do something different. If you fork something, that's ok but be sure to add your own flare to the fork. Add value, however you choose to do it.

Go to Discord Channel to connect with other hackers and with Harmony Devs.



Hack the Horizon is a collaborative, creative, and inclusive cross-chain hackathon focused on building applications that utilize the Horizon Bridge. Their singular aim to work with Ethereum and Harmony developers to build the most interesting, useful, and innovative applications that take advantage of Ethereum and Harmony's strengths.

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17 Nov 2020 12:00(UTC+3) - 15 Dec 2020 12:00(UTC+3)


Open from 9 Nov 2020 12:00(UTC+3)

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