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Gitcoin & Casper Hackathon

Gitcoin & Casper Hackathon

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$100 - 5,000

equal in USD, CSPR, GTC

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Casper, the Friendly Hackathon

To celebrate the launch and stability of the Casper Network, the Casper Association is partnering with Gitcoin to create the Casper the Friendly Hackathon to support developers seeking to build innovative dApps on Casper. 

Casper introduces the most seamless process for migrating Web2 apps to blockchain environments -- with zero Solidity knowledge required.

The Casper Association will provide support and guidance throughout the event to make this a collaborative, fun experience.

Categories & Prizes

All levels of experience are welcome. Please reg

  • Beginner level: 100 USD for the first 100 complete submissions

Accomplish small tasks while getting to know the Casper ecosystem. Play with the Casper smart contracting platform to understand some basic features.

  • Intermediate level: 1,000 USD for the top 10 submissions

Create something new, while getting to know the Casper ecosystem in more detail.

  • Advanced level: 5,000 USD for the top 5 submissions 

Create a more complex dApp, proof of concept, or end-to-end use case, and deploy your solution to the Casper Testnet.

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This event is open to developers of all experience levels, including Web2 developers who are interested in building within Web3 environments but are looking for a project that doesn’t require learning new coding languages.

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13 Sep 2021 12:00(UTC+3) - 11 Oct 2021 12:00(UTC+3)



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You can't participate (Event ended)