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The goal of VIBES is to encourage new community members to create interesting content and quality contribution. By creating and sharing this content and make contribution, they can help promote Gearbox DAO to a wider audience. VIBES also good platform for new members to learn from others and build connections within the community fostering a supportive environment.

Creating content is a big part of VIBES. Members are encouraged to use their creativity to create unique content that showcases the values and goals of Gearbox DAO. This can include memes, videos, articles, stickers, emoji, infographic and etc, etc. By creating this content, members are helping to spread the word about Gearbox DAO in a fun and engaging way. This allows Explorers to share their insights and knowledge with the rest of the community, creating a space for learning and growth. By sharing what they’ve learned, Explorers can help others avoid common pitfalls and build a stronger community together.

But VIBES isn’t just about creating content. Members are also encouraged to use the product and provide feedback on their experiences. Create integrations, put forward proposals, media support with KOLs power and more. VIBES also helps with Twitter raids to promote the main ideas of the DAO. This involves reposting, commenting, and liking posts on Twitter to help spread the word about Gearbox DAO. It’s a fun and easy way to get involved with the community and support the growth of the project.

Key Results and goals

  • Higher twitter following. Previous cycle saw following 3x from 17k to 51k.
  • Higher twitter engagement, previous cycle saw a 72% increment over the May-June period and currently stands close to ATH.
  • Increasing PR department capabilities. Increase in KOLs, increase in Media outlets, increase in publications.
  • Higher Discord retention and more active chats.
  • Increase brand and V3 awareness, current V3 campaign and posts across KOLs and Gearbox have already crossed half a million views. Goal will be to deliver 2.5M views for Redefine.
  • To increase general awareness and competence regarding use post community expansion. By creating a learning funnel from airdrop hunter → active community member → user → advanced user. Will help Gearbox and DeFi both grow.
  • Get more feedback about the product and its advantages/disadvantages through regular surveys of active users.

How to join and what rewards can I expect?

  1. Start by learning the protocol and use our resources (TwitterMediumNotion & Documents) to prepare well for the quiz that will give you the NFT Badge and then the role of Explorer.
  2. Take a new quiz (Information about it below)
  3. Get your discord role using and link your wallet to VIBESCommunityBot (just send a DM to the bot, it will tell you what to do)
  4. Go to the VIBES metaDAO thread on Discord. Read news and participate in activities. And also come up with opportunities for yourself, if you know how to do what you think will be useful for DAO, just do it and send your work to the #proof-of-work channel
  5. You are already earning points! And we are gradually forming a leaderboard, as a result of which the best participants will receive various awards.

NEW VIBES QUIZ: Gearbox x Galxe

VIBES is successful and wants to grow. It’s time to call in more new Explorers to refresh our community and strengthen the GEARHeads even more. Let’s do it again with NEW VIBES QUIZ:

VIBES Community Program QUIZ by Gearbox Protocol

Join VIBES Community Program QUIZ campaigns created by Gearbox Protocol on Galxe. ::: hljs-center The quiz is over, we…

Participate and get a new NFT Badge! This applies not only to new participants, but also to those who already have the Explorer role! Good luck to everyone!

Don’t forget that all the information about the protocol that will help you answer all your questions is here: DocumentsMediumNotionTwitter

How can I earn $GEAR without being a part of vibes?

Well if the amazing community and fun activities isn’t how you want to earn your $GEAR, there’s another way to do it. You can pop up in our discord and request to be a KOL. As a KOL, you can be a part of our referral program that rewards you in USDC basis the amount of LP you bring in



VIBES is an opportunity to get involved with Gearbox DAO and help build a stronger community.

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