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Gate Union Recruitment Program

Gate Union Recruitment Program

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In order to better practice and develop the blockchain community and promote the Gate Union, launched the Gate Union recruitment upgrade program in August 2021 and sincerely invites all community owners, KOLs, and senior blockchain enthusiasts to join: let's first start with the first stage -making creative videos, winning a basic salary reward!


The activity is always valid.


  • The average number of video views is at least 1000, the number of comments of one video is at least 10, and produce more than 3 subject videos(5-10 minutes) related to per month.
  • Hashtags about with #Gateio #Crypto #Bitcoin #Doge #ETH, etc.
  • The title of the video must have the word
  • Put your referral link under your video page. Get your referral link here:
  • Put’s attractive event link under your video page and mention them to your followers.
  • Choose the subject about you would like to show on your video, such as the introduction of the use of Gate platform, Spot trading, Contract, ETF, etc.(We will promptly recommend the subject of the video to you)
  • Attract audiences with vibrant voice acting and/or video performance.

*According to the statistics, live events have a higher conversion rate than other video content.

Benefits: will implement Gate Union basic salary and rebate incentives according to relevant review criteria, as follows.



Complete the form to participate:


  1. Only a video that meets all the rules can be counted as a valid video. If the video does not meet the requirements, then no reward will be given.
  2. The video cannot be deleted.
  3. All submissions must be original works of the entrants. Submissions in the previous video competitions are NOT eligible for this program.
  4. Videos that have participated in other cooperative projects of will not be counted in this program.
  5. Participants must agree and comply with terms. The use of duplicate accounts and any other unethical behavior is strictly prohibited.
  6. Any content or actions that could bring disrepute to the brand is strictly prohibited.
  7. Violation of the above points will result in rewards being cancelled immediately.
  8. reserves the right to uate each video content.
  9. The total trading volume of the valid invitees needs to reach $100,000 to get the basic salary reward.
  10. reserves all rights to the final explanation.


Gate Union Recruitment Upgrade Program-Looking for Creative Videos.

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from 2 Aug 2021 03:00(UTC+3)



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