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Garden Finance Ambassador Program

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Garden has always been vocal about its community-first ethos. Garden has allocated 65% of its token supply to achieve the vision of a community-led Garden. With the help of the first community incentive program, Seasons, Garden is now the biggest Bitcoin bridge on Arbitrum, with a volume of over $760M. While the Seasons program is a great tool to incentivize new users to enter Garden, it works best when the wider Web3 community knows Garden for what it is: the fastest Bitcoin bridge. 

Introducing the Garden Ambassador Program. The program is set to distribute 6M SEED tokens, which is 6.25% of the 96M SEED community incentives. The budget increases monthly as new ambassadors join. Garden has put aside 300K SEED for the first year. Expect a 30-50% annual budget growth over the next five years. 

What’s in it for you? 

Participating in the program promotes you from a Gardener to a Chief Gardener role on Discord. Being a Chief Gardener entitles you to earn from the ambassador reward pool and referral incentives to drive user growth.

Chief Gardeners get a permanent referral link to Garden, giving them a 7% share of the fees generated by the users they refer, along with a 3% fee discount for the referred users themselves. Considering the 25.9 BTC already collected in fees, this is a win-win opportunity to boost your rewards while significantly contributing to Garden’s growth.

So, here’s the deal: Every new member you bring expands both the Garden community and the ambassador reward pool. The more the ambassadors, the bigger the reward pool gets.

How to contribute?

So, what's a gardener gotta do to get a piece of the pie? Garden has listed the expected contributions below, and going above and beyond these will never go unnoticed.

  • Creating original content: Create engaging content on social media to spread the word about the Garden.
  • Introducing new partners: Help expand the network by bringing in relevant stakeholders and collaborators.
  • Developing how-to guides: Produce resources that help users effectively understand and utilize the platform.
  • Creating tools for the community: Develop innovative tools that enhance user experience and functionality.
  • Supporting community members: Assist users with queries and maintain active engagement within the community.
  • Representing the company at events: Ensure Garden's presence at key events and host events to boost visibility.
  • Host physical/online events: Centered around Bitcoin DeFi and the Garden.

Want to be a Chief Gardener?

Applications for the first cohort are open between 28th May - 10th June.

  • Recruitment and Onboarding: Keen to join? Submit your application. 
  • Performance Tracking and Support: Garden backs you with a monthly leaderboard and consistent check-ins, ensuring your efforts flourish.
  • Reward Distribution and Recognition: Stand out in the Garden, and you'll be rewarded in SEED.




Garden Finance announced its Ambassador Program with a 6,000,000 SEED reward pool, exclusive perma-ref links, access to new features, and more. A pathway for gardeners to earn SEED by contributing to garden.

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from 28 May 2024 11:40(UTC+3)



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