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Galxe contributors are the backbone of the Galxe community and play a vital role in shaping the future of Web3. They are dedicated individuals who are committed to making a positive impact on the Galxe ecosystem, constantly looking for ways to improve the platform, and always eager to share their knowledge and expertise with others. Whether it’s by contributing to the development of new features, shaping community events and programs, or helping to spread the word around, these individuals are true ambassadors for Galxe.

Galxe contributors are not only passionate about technology and the Web3 space, but they also have a strong desire to be a part of a community that shares the same vision. They understand the importance of community building and actively participate in community discussions, events and forums. They believe in the power of collaboration and strive to bring people together to achieve the common goal — helping Galxe grow.

Why should you become a Galxe Contributor?

Becoming a Galxe contributor is a great opportunity to take a leadership role in shaping the future of the Galxe platform and the Web3 ecosystem. As a Galxe contributor, you will have the opportunity to work closely with the Galxe team, which will give you unique insights into the inner workings of the platform and allow you to help shape its direction.

  • Work closely with the Galxe team
  • Give feedback & suggestions to help shape the platform
  • Lead the initiative in Galxe community events & programs
  • Have a chance to participate in events hosted by Galxe
  • Receive various rewards and exclusive Galxe swag

In summary, becoming a Galxe contributor is an opportunity to level up your Web3 journey, step up as a leader, shape the future of the platform, and be a part of a passionate and dedicated community that is committed to the growth and development of Galxe and the Web3 ecosystem.

What are the Galxe Contributor Factions?

There are a variety of ways for someone to contribute to the Galxe ecosystem, and that is exactly why we believe this program will flourish even more if Galxe Contributors are given the freedom to choose what factions they would like to dedicate their time to.

The current Contributor Program factions are as follows:

  • Community & Content: Create and share content via your own external social media accounts, including the latest updates about Galxe, newly launched features, and various campaigns. Lead the initiative for healthy community discussions, community campaigns, events, and Galxe Forum proposals.
  • Infrastructure & Support: Help all the new and existing members of the community with various support requests, ensuring an easy, smooth and friendly Galxe journey.
  • Localization & Language-specific Community Leaders: Lead the initiative to ensure our international and multilingual community is taken care of, including translations for official Galxe information, respective language community AMAs, language-specific community events & more.

With multiple factions, Galxe is open up opportunities for contributors to excel in multiple areas, rather than limiting their potential. For example, a Community & Content faction contributor can still contribute to other faction activities.

Can I apply to become a Contributor?

If you are passionate about Web3, have past experience with Galxe or previously contributed to other Web3 projects, and wish to get more involved — you can apply to become a Galxe Contributor.

NOTE: The Galxe Contributor program is an exclusive community program that has limited available spots.




Galxe has launched the brand new Galxe Contributor Program, which will revamp its current Brains & Pathfinders community programs. You will learn all about what the program entails in this blog, from multiple factions to a plethora of contributions you can participate in to become a real Galxe leader.

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