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FutureVerse The Future of Metaverse Campaign

FutureVerse The Future of Metaverse Campaign

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Futureverse is a leader in revolutionary AI + metaverse technologies that enable open, scalable + interoperable apps, games and experiences.

Futureverse is building the metaverse by using AI and blockchain technology. AI is used to create realistic and engaging content for the metaverse, while blockchain technology is used to ensure the security and authenticity of data. Futureverse is a company that is building the infrastructure for the metaverse. They are using AI and blockchain technology to create a more immersive, interactive, and secure metaverse experience.

With Futureverse, anyone can create, build, and experience anything they can imagine in the metaverse. A roll up of tech, gaming, and tooling which has generated over $129m of revenue with a GMV of over $800m XRP partnership with Ripple integration in ROOT network.

The Metaverse

"The Metaverse represents a deeper digital future where the boundaries between siloed digital experiences fall away, and what remains is a singular, immersive and open experience.

It’s a powerful idea, of which the seeds are already visible. We can see an example in two technology silos within society that used to be independent: Communications and Media. We have seen them come together to form social media.

We’re currently witnessing the fall of another silo, traditional commerce. Social discovery has already become the dominant way people find products. Soon it will be the dominant way people buy them as social commerce becomes the norm.

The next phase will merge finance, gaming into the mix.

We can observe a pattern where the same few companies continually consolidate the economy and our attention, economic value, and influence over how we think. The more time we spend in their worlds, the deeper that influence becomes. It’s no wonder Facebook has spent $10B preparing to capture this next phase of the internet.

If the same players who have consolidated media, commerce and communications continue to do so, we know how this ends. We have seen it already: when diversity is lost, society doesn’t  thrive. We can’t go down this path because The Metaverse isn’t just a VR game… it’s the destination where everything we create, value and love will reside. The keys to our society and economy exist inside this future.

In order to take a different path we need a different structure."

Enter the Open Metaverse

The Open Metaverse is the next evolution of the internet and the digital economy; decentralized, trustless, community-owned and secure.

The Open Metaverse is grounded in two principles:

  1. An immersive experience:  The internet as it is, operates within many interconnected but separate siloes. The Metaverse removes the boundaries between the major categories users currently engage with e.g finance, gaming, social media, commerce. This creates a single experience that encompasses all the current features of the internet.
  2. Ownership:  The Metaverse is defined by users having control over their assets, data and transactions. Using open source code with open standards gives ownership back to users and control back to communities. It’s a tug away from the mega-corporations that currently control almost all of the digital tangible value in our lives. In The Metaverse, users own their content, identity, data, avatar and intelligence that sits behind processes. They can move freely between applications at will.

Enter the Futureverse

The Futureverse provides a set of tools at the infrastructure, protocol, content and application layer that are built with user experience in mind, and fully integrated to ensure interoperability.

Over this infrastructure, a rich content layer creates powerful community network effects.

The Futureverse is comprised of:

  1. The Root Network: a decentralized blockchain network optimized for user experience and on-boarding.
  2. A decentralized identity protocol and passport for users and assets to form the base data layer for interoperability and applications.
  3. A decentralized delegation protocol allowing applications to provide layered access to assets, users and content.
  4. A decentralized communications, notifications and storage protocol allowing users and applications to communicate with each-other between applications.
  5. A decentralized artificial intelligence protocol enabling applications and avatars to leverage this technology in a community governed and user-owned way.
  6. Payment networks and wallets designed to help onboard and connect physical goods. Financial rails of the Metaverse.
  7. Content collectibles: a rich set of user-owned digital collectibles, designed with storytelling at their heart.

The Root Network

At the heart of the network infrastructure  and protocols in the Open Metaverse is The Root Network.

The Root Network is the core blockchain infrastructure. It’s built by bringing together best-of-breed components from the Web3 community and runtimes with a deliberate focus on great user onboarding.

Onboarding is the most important facet of the experience for new users coming into Web3, and is currently worse than Web2 counterparts. For this reason, many commentators perceive the whole of Web3 as a terrible UX … and many users who have tried to join would agree. Of those who have thus far, many have had negative experiences due to nonexistent safety features and leave quickly to never return.

However, once users are on-boarded, the experience can be superior to Web2. Web3 is privacy-centric by design; users can move between applications without signing up and move assets and data without permission, plus a host of other benefits.

FutureVerse is a leader in revolutionary AI + metaverse technologies that enable open, scalable + interoperable apps, games and experiences.


Key Partnerships

 • Coinbase Ventures
 • Warner Brothers
 • Spotify  
 • Flare Network  
 • Polygon
 • Alibaba
 • Reebok 

Ecosystem products

  1. The Root Network: A decentralised blockchain that is specifically designed for the metaverse. It provides a secure and efficient way to manage digital assets, transactions and identities
  2. 3D Character/Prop Configuration and Generation Tool: A tool that allows developers to create dynamic asset pipelines quickly and easily. 
  3. FuturePass: A smart wallet SDK that enables simple, fast, safe and password free user onboarding to web3 app, games, and experiences
  4. L1 Blockchain / L2 Scaling for the foundation of Metaverse for better UX
  5. In-Chain Exchange 


$808M+ GMV 
$129M+ All-Time Revenue 
20 NFT Collections 
305k NFTs Minted 
557K+ Community Members 





FutureVerse is building an open infrastructure with its own L1/L2 blockchain and developer platform for metaverse, that will power the next generation of immersive and social experiences. The Futureverse infrastructure enables companies and creators to deliver the open metaverse experience that they want for their audience.

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