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Free TON 'Rust Cup' Validators Program

Free TON 'Rust Cup' Validators Program

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The participating validators (racers) will have to endure possible network restarts, node failures, bugs, changes in the protocol and other unfriendly conditions. Any network or software issues are part of the competition.

The Rust Cup will be held on Rustnet which will run new Elector Contract supporting slashing.

At the beginning of the competition all racers will receive exactly the same Lock stake into DePool contract they have to run. The winners will be determined by the amount of Locked Validator stake + rewards from that stake in that DePool at the end of the Race.

The minimum stake in all Rust Cup DePools should be set to 1 mln tokens, to avoid an outsider to put stakes into racer’s DePool.

If the Race will have to be stopped (red flag), the same starting amount of tokens will be redistributed to the racers and the final result will be calculated by adding all balances before all restarts plus the end balance.

An attempt to replenish the validator stake by any tokens outside of Lock stake and validator rewards will disqualify the participant from the Race.

The Prizes

Rust Cup prizes are separated into three types of rewards: minimum lock stake, investor reward incentive and validator referral reward incentive.

Number of winners: up to 200

Lock stake:

the winners will receive a 2 years lock stake into their DePool contracts on the Free TON main net, with amounts starting at 500,000 for the 1 place decreasing to the 100,000 for the last place.

On top of that and for the period of 4 years the Winners of Rust Cup will receive a special subsidy for each TON token invested into their DePool.

The subsidy has two parts:

the investor incentive and the validator incentive. Both are calculated as percentage of the investor stake and depends on the duration of the stake.

In order to receive incentive the Investor Stake should be Locked into Rust Cup Winner DePool for a specific period of time. The Lock stake mechanism in DePool has been updated to include the possibility to Lock tokens to the sender address. The incentive is growing depending on the Lock stake duration as per the table below.

The incentive will be calculated automatically by a smart contract and sent to the Rust Cup Winner DePool as Vesting stake with the Investor and Validator addresses as beneficiaries. The vesting will release portions of incentive to both the investor and validator each election cycle. The validator may be required to provide a separate address for each new investor stake to enable vesting.

The Incentive program will run for all stakes invested into Rust Cup DePools within 6 months from the program start (after calculating the Rust Cup results, that is).

Special Prizes

As usual anyone who could find a bug in a node or a protocol will be eligible for prizes ranging from 5,000 up to 20,000 tokens depends on the bug severity.

There will be special prizes for developers of smart contracts which can lead to a bug discovery. The pool of such prizes will be determined before the Cup start separately. 


The Rust Race is endurance validator race competition. Validators will compete for a period of 1 month for the Rust Cup. During the competition many improvements and protocol changes will be tested and there will be an attempt to break the world record for Layer 1 blockchain protocols throughput in real network conditions.

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1 Feb 2021 12:00(UTC+3) - 28 Apr 2021 12:00(UTC+3)



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