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Flux Protocol Foreteller Event

Flux Protocol Foreteller Event

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Defined as someone who foretells the future, Foretellers perceive future events before they happen and are often capable of decoding what it portends. This becomes a distinct advantage living in a world where change is the only constant. The more they are able to perceive, the more prepared they are to adapt and even take advantage of this constant state of flux.

What does this have to do with Flux Protocol though?

Blockchain development is in a state of flux and are the markets built on it. The data for these too are in flux. As a meta-oracle, we relay flux state entry points for any event to requestors. Validators source these entry points from APIs, other smart contracts, and even human sources where applicable to earn rewards for their contribution to the network.

Who is a Foreteller

Foretellers are limitless

A Foreteller is only limited by whatever limitations they choose to accommodate. Foretellers are boundless, perceiving both small and large events within their domain before they happen.

Foretellers are all about the big picture

While a butterfly flapping its wings in the Amazon could possibly result in a typhoon in India, securing lives and properties is more important than waddling through the Amazon looking for a single butterfly that looks like any other butterfly. Hence, the big picture. Foretellers see how ecosystems connect to each other and how to leverage existing resources to secure future partnerships.

Foretellers are explorers

A foreteller cannot be pigeonholed. They see events outside their niche, world-view, and sometimes outside their continent. They are willing to go where other human minds are incapable of going. Nothing is too big, small, near, or far for them to reach for.

Foretellers are open-minded

Revelation comes in all shapes and sizes. So does opportunity. Foretellers love to be challenged and to challenge.  

Foretellers dare to be idiosyncratic

Crypto is rearchitecting the global financial system as team knows it and this is just the beginning. Foretellers will be at the tip of this change, bridging and empowering communities

How to Become a Foreteller

Becoming a Foreteller is as simple as finding a role that plays to your strength and signing up for it. The roles are:

  • Regional Communities and Expansion
  • Developer and Partner Ecosystem
  • Translation
  • Graphics
  • Writing content - local and international
  • Video Production
  • Social Media Engagement

As a Foreteller, you will:

  • Engage and evangelise Flux to relevant blockchain communities across social media platforms
  • Test and provide feedback for ecosystem products and features
  • Grow regional presence
  • Translate and create content for regional communities
  • Engage with partners' ecosystem
  • Mentor other Foretellers



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Join the Flux Protocol foreteller program and get the rewards.

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