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Figment Learn: The Web 3 Knowledge Base

Figment Learn: The Web 3 Knowledge Base

    Figment Learn is the easiest way for Web 3 protocols to onboard and educate developers. Team provide developers the tools and resources they need to succeed, while rewarding them for completing tutorials and contributing to the community. With Learn, developers gain access to comprehensive practical tutorials developed by Figment and the community to foster ecosystem growth. Tutorials can be completed seamlessly with DataHub, which provides easy access to the protocols via highly available full node infrastructure and suite of middleware. Figment has partnered with Mina, NEAR, and Oasis Network to reward developers for building on their technology and sharing their knowledge with others.

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  • Activity Type: Community Development DApps Web3
  • Date: from 17 Nov 2020 12:00(UTC+3)
  • Registration: Open
  • Event status: You can participate (Event started, Registration open)
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Event details 

Overtime, team will be distributing $50k NEAR, $25K Mina, and $25K ROSE tokens to developers who actively complete tutorials and contribute to the community. 

Figment Learn will foster community, strengthen relationships, and grow these ecosystems to new heights. Figment Learn is the Web 3 Knowledge Base. 

The Problem Today

Many promising Web 3 protocols are getting to market and are looking to attract more developers to their unique features while fighting for the same market share. But with each new protocol launch, the barrier of entry to Web 3 development increases. Developers looking to leverage the power of blockchain technology first need to learn about decentralized protocols, understand which one is right for their project, and finally master their unique characteristics to start building. It’s an uphill battle for developers who not only need to learn new languages and adopt a new tech stack, but also find the right resources that will help them become better Web 3 developers. 

How Figment Learn Helps

Figment Learn aims to solve these problems by guiding developers throughout that process. With Learn, developers can understand which network is right for them and actually interact with the protocol at each step of their learning process. Newcomers are provided with a short curriculum in the form of tutorials which helps them set up their first DApp (decentralized application) via DataHub, even with little to no expertise on a given protocol. As they complete the tutorials, they earn tokens from their selected protocol to help align their interests with the network’s. 

figment learn

Learn provides developers with: 

  • Free and easy access to the protocols necessary to power their applications via DataHub, highly available full node infrastructure.
  • Access to written and streamable educational materials and a diverse community built around learning and fostering ecosystem development.
  • Opportunities for developers to earn tokens for completing tutorials and contributing to the community.


Vision for Figment Learn is to build a community of evangelists where developers are not only incentivized to learn, but also to share with others. In order to create the most comprehensive Web 3 knowledge base, team reward community members who publish tutorials to accelerate the pace of innovation in Web 3. Tutorial contributors earn tokens for their efforts and grow their status as protocol experts among their peers. With this dual approach, Figment Learn ensures that developers not only understand the basics of new protocols but also dig deeper into unique use cases that will spark the next wave of mainstream applications. Figment Learn becomes the strongest alignment mechanism between protocols and its developer community who are now incentivized to see the value of the network and its tokens grow. 

Blockchain communities built around developers and education create a strong foundation for ecosystem growth. Without a strong developer community, there are no DeFi, marketplace,  gaming, or social applications. Without developers, there is only speculation and hype, and that hype will slowly disappear. At Figment, team care about the long term growth and longevity of the Web 3 ecosystem and team understand what developers need to build the next great decentralized application. 

Ready to learn and earn?

Visit Learn, join Discord, and sign up for DataHub and start building.