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Fetch Incentivized Testnet Program

Fetch Incentivized Testnet Program

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Program Details

Pathway to Mainnet v2.0

The FET smart contract upgrade took place successfully on 14th October, and the launch of our updated staking contract took place on 15th October 2020.

Having achieved these milestones, Fetch.ai is now on the optimal pathway to mainnet v2.0 scheduled for early 2021.

A series of incentivized testnets will commence in the second half of October 2020 and will demonstrate new and enhanced functionality and reward those helping to exercise activities such as agent deployment, node operation and voting to demonstrate and refine decentralized governance and much, much more.

Together the testnets will build the functionality for Mainnet v2.0. Mainnet v2 represents the integration of fundamental components in the Fetch.ai system for the first time.

  • Interoperability — delivery of services across compatible chains, and a process + roadmap to incorporate the rest of the web 3.0 ecosystem
  • Full agent framework integrated into mainnet to enable AEA build and deployment
  • New CosmWasm virtual machine and improved high performance ledger

Incentivized testnet: program of activities

Firstly, the very smallest of disclaimers. Software is software, and whilst we don’t expect to deviate from any of these times and dates, occasionally it happens. We’ll make every effort to keep this on track as it’s super important for us and the community that we deliver this journey to mainnet v2 on time and taking everyone with us as we go.

We’ve divided all of this up on the basis of the key technology that we want to expose to the most testing. It won’t surprise you to know that we’ve already spent an enormous amount of time exercising this, Agentland (our current testnet) being a great example. It’s stable, it has run 24/7 for some time and it is in constant use by developers. But if we need to tweak the odd thing here and there by a day or two, in order to ensure that quality is maintained, we will.

Incentivized testnet schedule

Each of the following three stages form a series of technical ‘challenges’, with FET tokens as the reward for (1) participating and (2) succeeding in the tasks.


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Building Agents with Fetch.ai

Phase 1: A series of test activities specifically targeted at the application development community.


22nd of October to end of November. (8 weeks)


The first incentivized test-net activities will on-board people to the fetch.ai agent and ledger ecosystem. We start with a focus on agents. All interactions with ledger and SOEF happen via the agent framework. We’ll be trialling our new decentralised governance in parallel to this for non-developers to get involved: take part in votes to make decisions about the future of the Fetch.ai protocol and ecosystem!

Focus areas

  • AW-1: Getting started (2 weeks: 22nd Oct — 1st Nov)
  • AW-2: My first own agent (2 weeks: 2. — 15. Nov)
  • G-1: Governance week! (4 weeks in parallel with AW-2 and AW-3)
  • AW-3: Many agents interacting (2 weeks: 16. — 29. Nov)

Want to be a validator / node operator?

Phase 2: A series of test activities specifically targeted initially at the community members wanting to setup and run validators


End of November to end of January (5 weeks)


This phase will support potential validators in learning the Fetch.ai validation system, test the validator governance and economic model, and test attacks on the Fetch.ai network consensus.

Focus areas

  • BW-1: Getting Staked (2 weeks)
  • BW-2: Governance (1 weeks)
  • BW-3: Breaking Consensus (1–2 weeks)
  • BW-4: Trading Agent Competition (1–2 weeks)

Interested in data and oracles?

Phase 3: A series of test networks which are used to test the interoperability technology, and for for development of agent based oracles


End of January to mid-February. (3 weeks)


This phase will trial interchain communication, delivering services across chains, and the delivery of value via Fetch.ai beacon and oracle integrations.

Focus areas

  • OW-1: Interoperability (2 weeks)
  • OW-2: Oracles and data beacons (1 week)

How to participate

If you would like to be part of the incentivized testnet program, please email [email protected] to register for email updates.

You can also follow our social accounts for more information in the coming days. We anticipate starting on Thursday October 22nd.

You will need to be able to sign a message showing you have ERC20 FET tokens staked: so if you wish to get prepared to take part and qualify for rewards, then get over to https://staking.fetch.ai.


Fetch.ai mission is to build the infrastructure required for autonomous software agents to unlock the value trapped in wasted data, and organize complex tasks to benefit individuals, businesses and organizations. Fetch achieving this by forming a connective layer with a decentralized network with open-source software tools to give anyone access to the power of AI on a world-scale secure dataset to carry out complex coordination in the modern economy. To achieve this, over the next three months, team preparing a program of activities to prepare for and test the technology for the Fetch.ai mainnet v2.0.

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22 Oct 2020 06:00(UTC+3) - 29 Nov 2020 18:00(UTC+3)



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