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Exorde Ambassador Program

Exorde Ambassador Program

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from 300 EXD


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In order to earn EXD tokens, you do not need to have the role of an Ambassador. You will be called  "Bounty-hunters".

Bounty hunters will be able to earn EXD tokens by completing tasks that will appear regularly (and possibly even every day) in the bounty channel on Discord.

More details about the program can be found on Exorde Telegram.


As a reward, Bounty hunters will receive EXD tokens for each task and XP experience points for each completed 10 tasks.

The list of completed bounty-hunters tasks and awards can be found here.

Important:in order for Bounty hunters to eventually receive an EXD payout  to their wallet, they will need to dial the minimum amount, which will be 300 EXD. Bounty hunters can become Ambassadors if one of the latter is not too active. Namely, Ambassadors lose their role if they are inactive in the task plan for 7 days and/or if they perform less than 20 tasks per month. 

Advantages of the Ambassador roles

  1. New Ambassador - each month they additionally receive + 10 EXD
  2. Ambassador - each month additionally receive + 30 EXD
  3. Experiencied Ambassador - each month additionally receive + 50 EXD

The ambassadors who will be excluded from the number of ambassadors will lose this bonus. *But excluded ambassadors can remain bounty hunters .


Conditions may change, be deleted, supplemented depending on the effectiveness of the selected methods. 

The distribution of tokens will occur after TGE (December 2022) without vesting. Those who provide their wallet address within a limited time period closer to the end of the program will receive awards. All details will be announced closer to December 2022.




Exorde has launched the ambassador program for everyone who wants to earn EXD tokens.

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1 Jun 2022 03:00(UTC+3) - 20 Mar 2023 03:00(UTC+3)



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You can't participate(Event ended)