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Exeno Ambassador Program

Exeno Ambassador Program

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Reward pool

6,000 USDT


Expected profit

50 - 1,000 USDT


Max participants

No limit

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Normal, Low Risks


Exeno is looking for blockchain enthusiasts, shopping & lifestyle influencers who want to connect with its potential users and help connect with them meaningfully.

Exeno ambassadors are a passionate group of people from the community who want to support each other's growth and spread the message about the change Exeno is hoping to bring within the c-commerce space.

Exeno believes that ambassadors will play a major role in bridging the exeno ecosystem to help achieve its purpose of bringing crypto to the masses or as exeno’s motto goes: bring crypto to life.

What will you get?

Ambassador of the month

Viral content, excellent engagement, and stand-out ambassadors will get to be named “Ambassador of the Month” and will be given higher rewards such as 1,000 USDT worth of exeno coins.

Results based bonuses

Exeno has created a reward pool with an equivalent of 6,000 USDT in EXN with 5 tiers where the ambassadors will be eligible for a portion of the rewards proportional to the task completed

Other benefits

  • Access to exclusive training programs; Understand smart contracts, utility, new e-commerce trends etc.
  • Exclusive discounts on certain products listed on the exeno marketplace
  • 5 randomly selected ambassadors will receive 50 USDT worth of EXN each week. 

Ambassador roles

  1. Content creator: Content Creators have a role in educating the public about the project & advocating for the brand through engaging and informative content in the form of graphics and videos, blogs, podcasts, or articles. Content will be published on Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, YouTube, Tik Tok, etc.
  2. Product feedback: Provide feedback on the quality and functionality of the platform, website, blogs, and social media.
  3. Moderator: Moderators adopt strategies to drive engagement across all social media platforms of the project. They do this by connecting blockchain enthusiasts together to educate them about the project. They work by channeling and creating engaging conversations across platforms such as Reddit, Discord, and Telegram. Fueling daily conversations about eye-capturing news, press-worthy announcements, and other marketing campaigns. Using organic methods to create a buzz in the community and promote exeno.
  4. Translator: Translators aid in promoting exclusive news and announcements in non-English communities. This strategy ensures that the news is reached to international audiences.
  5. Fundraiser: They will be given a success fee for every referral that meets predefined criteria (subject to a separate agreement).

Ambassador rules

Ambassadors must abide by the following rules to take part in this program:

  1. No disparaging remarks or language be used across all roles.
  2. Comments made on race, culture, slurs, etc. are intolerable and will result in automatic disqualification.
  3. A full understanding of the project and use cases are a must to be a part of the project and understand the product to provide an objective evaluation.
  4. All ambassadors need to follow exeno on Instagram, Twitter and must have joined the telegram and discord groups before they start their quest.
  5. Adherence to your local marketing laws, rules, and regulations and make disclosures on your posts as required by such laws.
  6. Exeno shall not take any responsibility for misleading endorsements and testimonials, nor reward any inappropriate language, behavior, or misrepresentation of the company, its products and/or its brand, false reviews, or for providing any investment advice on its behalf.
  7. exeno holds the right to reuse content created by brand ambassadors in their digital media.
  8. Please note that exeno reserves the right to modify, change, or delete any of the terms & conditions related to this program at its sole discretion. While it is not obligated to, exeno will endeavour to communicate such changes before they are made.

This ambassador program is being hosted by Lunar Marketing Management on behalf of exeno.com.

About Exeno

exeno.com started as the first global e-commerce platform with a broad assortment of branded physical goods that users can purchase using cryptocurrencies only, and that can be shipped worldwide.

With the current brand relaunch, exeno envisions creating a crypto commerce (referred to as c-commerce hereinafter) ecosystem. This will aid the brand’s differentiation from all other e-commerce companies. Furthermore it helps the brand distinguish itself from being “just another platform where one can purchase with crypto”.





Exeno is introducing its new exeno Ambassador program. Exeno is looking for blockchain enthusiasts, lifestyle and/ or shopping influencers to join the program. This program is an exciting opportunity to work with the community and give back to the endless efforts on making exeno the project that it is.

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1 Jun 2022 03:00(UTC+3) - 1 Sep 2022 03:00(UTC+3)



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