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ETHGlobal Flagship Hackathon

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Reward pool


300,000 USD

Expected profit

from $400

from 400 USD

Max participants

No limit

DropsEarn score


Normal, Low Risks


Schedule (all times are in ET):

Tue, Aug 30th 

11:59pm EDT - Deadline to Apply

Wed, Aug 31st 

1:30pm EDT  (30 minutes) - UMA 🛠 Building with the Optimistic Oracle, John Shutt

3:00pm EDT (30 minutes) - Getting started with 🏗 scaffold-eth, Austin Griffith, Kevin Jones

Thu, Sep 1st

12:00pm EDT (60 minutes) - Team Formation Session, Luke Bateman

1:30pm EDT (30 minutes) - Worldcoin 🛠 Proof of Personhood with World ID, Flywill , Miguel Piedrafita

6:00pm EDT (60 minutes) - Idea Brainstorming Session, Luke Bateman

Fri, Sep 2nd

10:00am EDT (60 minutes) - Idea Brainstorming & Team Formation Session

12:00pm EDT - Hacking Begins

12:00pm EDT (120 minutes) - ETHOnline Summit, Kartik Talwar

4:30pm EDT (30 minutes) - SKALE 🛠 How to Leverage Zero Gas Fees on SKALE, Christine Renee Perry

5:30pm EDT (30 minutes) - EPNS 🛠 How to add web3 push notifications to your app, Harsh Rajat

Mon, Sep 5th

11:30am EDT (30 minutes) - Superfluid 🛠 Using Superfluid for DAO Payments, Samuel Flamini

Tue, Sep 6th

11:30am EDT (30 minutes) - APWine 🛠 Your first Future Yield strategy, Ulysse Ramage

2:30pm EDT (30 minutes) - Optimism 🛠 Getting Started with Optimism, Ori Pomerantz

Wed, Sep 7th

10:00am EDT (30 minutes) - Cronos 🛠 Build your Web3 games with Cronos Play, Leslie Cheung, Ricardo Arcifa

2:00pm EDT (30 minutes) - Abacus 🛠 How to use Interchain Accounts with Abacus, Yorke Rhodes

5:30pm EDT (30 minutes) - Livepeer 🛠 Incentives Design for Web3 Streaming Apps, Eric Tang

Thu, Sep 8th

11:00am EDT (30 minutes) - Polygon 🛠 Improving UX in Web3, Rahat Chowdhury

1:30pm EDT (30 minutes) Āut Protocol 🛠 Build a DAO-powered DApp with Āut, Alex Pericò, Milena Monova

3:00pm EDT (60 minutes) - Project Feedback Session

Fri, Sep 9th

12:00pm EDT (120 minutes) - ETHOnline Summit

Thu, Sep 15th

3:00pm EDT (60 minutes) - Project Feedback Session

Fri, Sep 16th 

12:00pm EDT (120 minutes) - ETHOnline Summit

Thu, Sep 22nd

3:00pm EDT (60 minutes) - Submission Feedback Session

Fri, Sep 23rd

12:00pm EDT (120 minutes) - ETHOnline Summit

Sun, Sep 25th

3:00pm EDT - Submissions Due!

Mon, Sep 26th

12:00pm EDT (120 minutes) - Project Judging

Wed, Sep 28th

12:00pm EDT (120 minutes) - ETHOnline Finale - Winners Announced!

12:00pm EDT (120 minutes) - ETHOnline Summit

Partner Prizes

Aave Grants DAO $20,000

Aave Grants DAO is a community-led grants program, focused on growing a thriving ecosystem of contributors within Aave through funding ideas, projects and events that benefit the ecosystem. 

To maximize your chance of winning an Aave prize, you must build a project relating to one or more of the Prize Categories. Make sure your code is well documented on GitHub and preferably has a front end that is available to be used on a public website. If you created smart contracts, deploy them to a testnet and ensure your front end properly interacts with them. Tell us what you are building by tagging @AaveAave on Twitter/Lens. 

Be sure you do not expose private keys or other sensitive information through hardcoding or pushing .env files.

Prize Categories:

Stablecoin Growth

Build projects and integrations that bring more stablecoin liquidity into Aave such as new yield aggregation tools, wallet integrations or fintech / e-commerce integrations.

Resources: Deployed ContractsV3 Supply DocumentationJavascript SDK - Supply

  • 1st prize - $3,000
  • 2nd prize - $1,000

Credit Delegation with Lens Protocol

Assess reputation of Lens profiles and use this data to enable users to delegate or access credit.

Resources: Approve DelegationBorrow from DelegationJavaScript SDK - Credit DelegationLens API

  • 1st prize - $3,000
  • 2nd prize - $1,000


Enable new ways or groups of users to access the Aave protocol.

Resources: Aave InterfaceDeveloper Docs

  • 1st prize - $3,000
  • 2nd prize - $1,000

Aave Forex Tool

Enhance the ability of users to access forex liquidity by using one or all of: E-mode, flashloans, other DeFi integrations such as Curve.

Resources: Javascript SDK - E-ModeFlashloan docsFlashloan guide

  • 1st prize - $3,000
  • 2nd prize - $1,000

Transaction Builder

Create new ways to compose or visualize Aave transactions such as a dispatcher contract for submitting multiple actions in a single transaction, or a recipe builder with gas estimation.

Resources: All of the above, *Notice*: V3 restriction of repay + borrow in same block

  • 1st prize - $3,000
  • 2nd prize - $1,000

Getting Started

Aave Grants DAO Documentation

IPFS & Filecoin $20,000

IPFS is a peer-to-peer network and protocol designed to make the web faster, safer, and more open. IPFS upgrades the web to work peer to peer, addressing data by what it is instead of where it’s located on the network, or who is hosting it.

Filecoin, the world’s largest decentralized network offering more than 18+ Exbibytes of storage. It allows users to store, request, and transfer data via a verifiable marketplace. Filecoin is completely open-source, enabling people from all over the world to participate.

 IPFS & Filecoin is offering Prizes:

Storage Wizard

The best use of or to use IPFS for content addressing and Filecoin for persistent, decentralized storage. Use of other tooling may also qualify*.

  • Top 3 Winners - 3 x $3,000 (paid in FIL)
  • Pool Prize - $11,000 (Paid in FIL; Max $500 per project, up to 25 pool winners)

*For details about eligibility criteria please see this page.

Getting Started

IPFS & Filecoin Developer Resources:



Polygon $20,000

Polygon** is the leading platform for Ethereum scaling and infrastructure development.** Its growing suite of products offers developers easy access to all major scaling and infrastructure solutions: L2 solutions (ZK Rollups and Optimistic Rollups), sidechains, hybrid solutions, stand-alone and enterprise chains, data availability solutions, and more. Polygon’s scaling solutions have seen widespread adoption with 18000+ applications hosted, 1B+ total transactions processed, ~100M+ unique user addresses, and $5B+ in assets secured.


Scale your Decentralized applications on Polygon ($10,000)

  • First: $5,000
  • Second: $3,000
  • Third: $2,000

Best Innovative Dapp built on Polygon ($3,000)

Prize Pool ($7,000)

  • A pool prize of $1,000 each to 7 best projects.

Submission Criteria:

  • Should be deployed either on Polygon PoS testnet/ mainnet.

Getting Started

Developer Resources

Superfluid $20,000

Superfluid is the leading asset streaming protocol that enables Web3 native subscriptions, salaries and rewards for DAOs and crypto-native businesses. It can be used to describe cash flows and execute them automatically on-chain over time in a non-interactive way. Superfluid streams transfer value in a constant flow over time between wallets, in a non-custodial and permissionless way. Streams are programmable, composable, and modular, allowing developers to build custom applications on top of the protocol. No capital is locked up, and all inflows and outflows are netted in real-time at every block without consuming any gas. Ongoing streams can be forwarded as they are received to both wallets and applications, eliminating delays and drastically increasing capital efficiency.


Superfluid is offering:

  • Best Overall Hack: $4,000
  • Best DeFi Hack: $3,000
  • Best DAO Hack: $3,000
  • Best Gaming Hack: $3,000
  • Best Futuristic Hack: $3,000

Pool of Honor: 4,000

Getting Started

Find the docs here

Worldcoin $20,000

Worldcoin is a Privacy-Preserving Proof-of-Personhood Protocol (PPPoPP).We’re super excited to give you the first opportunity to build on top of the World ID protocol. Wold ID enables Proof-of-Personhood so that any developer can build anonymous sybil resistant apps.


$20,000 USD are up for grabs at the hackathon for people that build on top of World ID, distributed as follows:

  • $4k to the Best overall
  • $3k to the Best governance app
  • $3k to the Best social app
  • $3k to the most creative use case
  • Up to 4x $1k to Honorable mentions
  • $3k Prize Pool - distributed equally among all qualifying submissions

Any prizes not awarded will be distributed in the prize pool

Judging criteria

  • Use case. Is there a meaningful problem being solved with World ID? Does the project has potential to solve a real problem in production?
  • Depth of the integration. Was the project fully integrated on both the frontend and backend? Does the project use the verification proof correctly? Does the World ID integration work end-to-end?
  • Depth of understanding. Were the World ID key concepts clearly understood and correctly applied? Is there a plan to account for orb presence and World ID adoption?
  • Creativity. Is the project posing a creative solution to a problem? Is World ID being used in a new way?

Getting Started

Worldcoin Documentation

Optimism $20,000

At Optimism, we're on a mission to scale Ethereum to the masses and sustainably fund public goods in the process!

From the code to the values, we are Ethereum-aligned. We believe Ethereum has the potential to solve some of humanity’s most crucial coordination issues. Since our initial inception as a non-profit research group, we have sought to scale both its technology and values.

At present the most pressing bottleneck to the growth of Ethereum is its performance and scalability. We are building the most elegant solution to this problem. We do this out in the open because we believe in open source and its ability to accelerate innovation.

Not only do we improve Ethereum's performance by orders of magnitude, we donate 100% of the profits generated from doing so to Ethereum public goods. We do this because we believe the future of the open internet is too important to be left to chance. By operating as a Public Benefit Corporation we're able to align private incentives with public good and create a positive-sum economic model that provides a sustainable future for the internet.


So you want to build on Optimism ey? Well Optimism so glad to have you! We have two main prizes: Pool prizes (for generally cool products) and specific prizes (for specifically cool dapps)!

We also have a host of ways to support your dapp after the hackathon - we are here for the long term!

Pool Prize: Top 10 projects to deploy on Optimism mainnet get $250 for the team.

Specific Prizes

NFT Infrastructure: 1 team wins $ 5,000 | 2 teams win $ 2,500 each

A healthy NFT ecosystem require a lot of infrastructure to work smoothly. This prize is for the top team that builds out NFT infrastructure! From an NFT collection builder to NFT APIs, show us your infra!

Optimism Game: 2 teams win $2,500 each

From NFT card games to open world explorations, Optimism wants it all!

Community Infrastructure: 2 teams win $2,500 each

From DAO tooling, new token standards to decentralising RPC provision, we are looking for the next hot application.

After the Hackathon...

Now what? Don’t throw all that hard work away! We want to encourage and support builders to do what they do best - build cool shit! If you have won any of the Optimism Prizes you can apply for a grant!

How will Optimism support your project after the hackathon?

  1. Demo Days! We run a Demo Day every two weeks on our Discord server. At these demo days you can show off your application to our community. Get feedback and users! Double win!
  2. Grants! If your dapp won a prize you can apply for a grant - we want to help you build your best dapp ♥️
  3. Community Calls! Once your project is live on Optimism (and ideally has some users) we might be able to organise a call! This could be a Twitter space, Discord call, or in your community!
  4. Governance Grants! Ready to take the next big step? You can apply for a large(r) grant from the Token House Governance! Governance is independent of Optimism so there is no guarantee you will get funding, but if your dapp is good you probably will!

Getting Started

SKALE Network $20,000

SKALE is the only Ethereum native, modular blockchain network composed of 20+ high-throughput, low-latency SKALE Chains that are optimized for Web3 user experience. SKALE offers ZERO gas fees to end-users and has advanced features such as on-chain file storage, interchain messaging, zero-cost minting, ML/AI smart contracts, and enhanced security features.

SKALE enables developers to deploy their own EVM blockchain in minutes without sacrificing speed, security, or decentralization. Welcome to the SKALEverse. 


SKALE is offering $20K in prizes:

Requirement: Must be built on SKALE

$5,000 in SKL - Grand Prize

Awarded for the best use of SKALE with opportunities for follow-up investments and further grants

$8,000 in SKL - Metaverse, Gaming, NFTs Prizes

Can be numerous winners.

$2,000 in SKL - Partner Integration Prizes

For teams integrating SKALE plus an ecosystem partner - ie Connext + SKALE or The Graph + SKALE. Can be numerous winners.

$5,000 in SKL - Prize pool

divided among all teams that launch any product on SKALE

Getting Started

Developer Resources:

EPNS $10,000

Ethereum Push Notification Service (EPNS) is the communication layer of web3. EPNS allows any crypto wallet / frontend to tap into the network and get the comm across. Using the protocol, any smart contract, dapp, or backend can send on-chain or off-chain notifications tied to the wallet addresses of a user in a multichain, open, platform-agnostic way. We are also launching wallet to wallet messaging feature very soon.


EPNS is offering:

  1. Grand Prize - $4,000
  2. 2nd Prize - $2,500
  3. 3rd Prize - $ 1,500
  4. Runner Ups x 5 - $400

Getting Started

APWine $10,000

A yield derivatives layer for decentralized finance. Unlock future yield and receive it in advance. Fix interest rates on your investments or trade yield.

Embrace the modularity of the protocol to build novel yield strategies, bots, or interfaces for the APWine community.


APWine is offering:

  1. Wine Connoisseur (1st prize) = $5K in APW
  2. 2X Wine Scholars (runner up prizes) = $2.5k in APW (each)

Getting Started

APWine Documentation




Yearn $10,000

Yearn Finance is a decentralized investment aggregator that leverages composability and uses automated strategies to allow users to earn high yield on crypto assets. Yearn has deployed more than 200 strategies and has over 2B in TVL. Yearn's core product, the yVaults , is a set-it-and-forget-it yield aggregator running on top of DeFi's yield-generating protocols like Compound, Aave, Curve, and Convex. Vaults benefit users by socializing gas costs, automating the yield generation and rebalancing process, and automatically shifting capital as opportunities arise. Because of yVault's open design, other protocols have repurposed the generated yield as a design component in their protocol, including Alchemix, QiDao, Abracadabra, Shapeshift, and SteakWallet.


More to come!

Getting Started

Important Documentation

ENS $10,000

The Ethereum Name Service (ENS) enables you to have a cross-platform web3 username and profile, to simplify crypto payments for any blockchain, and decentralized websites. ENS supports .ETH names natively, as well as importing DNS names you already own. ENS is integrated in over 300 services, including wallets, dapps, and browsers.


More to come!

Getting Started

ENS Documentation

Cronos $10,000

Cronos ( is the first EVM-compatible Layer 1 blockchain network built on the Cosmos SDK, supported by, and more than 300+ app developers and partners.

Cronos is building an open ecosystem where developers can create their own DeFi and GameFi applications, targeting a base of 50+ million users globally. Earlier this year, Cronos Labs launched a $100M Accelerator program to help developers build new projects and the future of Web3 within the Cronos ecosystem.

When developers build on Cronos, they can leverage all Ethereum developer tools (i.e. Solidity, Truffle, Hardhat, OpenZeppelin, Web3.js, ethers.js, ChainSafe Gaming SDK); leading crypto wallets (i.e. MetaMask, Defi Wallet, Trust Wallet); wrapped versions of the world’s top 50 cryptocurrencies; Cronos Play, a suite of developer tools for Unity, C++ and Unreal engine; inter-blockchain communication (IBC) cross-chain connectivity to Cosmos chains; and a rich ecosystem of composable DeFi and GameFi dApps.


Cronos is offering:

  • Best projects deployed on Cronos chain mainnet or testnet: 5 prizes x $2,000 each

Getting Started

Cronos Documentation

Abacus $10,000

Abacus is an interchain messaging API for your interoperability needs. Built as a network between blockchains, you can use Abacus to easily create interoperable applications.


Abacus is offering:

  • Top prize - 4k 'Best use of Abacus' messaging API
  • 2k - Best use of Abacus - DeFi related
  • 2k - Best use of Abacus - NFT related
  • 2k - Best use of Abacus - Infrastructure

Getting Started

Livepeer $10,000

Livepeer is the world's open video infrastructure. Founded in 2017, Livepeer provides cost-efficient, secure, scalable, and reliable infrastructure that can handle today's high demand for video processing. Livepeer's decentralized network includes over 70,000 GPUs and currently processes millions of minutes a week. Learn about how Livepeer works.

Livepeer Studio, which you’ll be using in your hack, is a video toolkit that makes it easy for builders to access the decentralized Livepeer network.


Wow the team with the best hacks using Livepeer Studio’s video Livestream or On Demand API in web3 gaming, metaverse, social, or creator applications.

  • 1st place - $5,000
  • 2nd place - $3,000
  • 3rd place - $2,000

REQUIREMENTS: Your code must include a complete, functional integration of the Livepeer.Studio API

Projects will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  1. Technicality: What is the complexity of the problem being addressed and your approach to solving it?
  2. Originality: Are you tackling a new or unsolved problem, or creating unique solutions to an existing problem?
  3. Practicality: How complete/functional is your project? Is it ready to be used by your intended audience?
  4. UI/UX/DX: Is your app pleasant and/or intuitive to use? Have your team made a good effort at removing friction for the user?
  5. Wow factor: Standout that deserves to be recognized!

Getting Started

Documentation / Tutorials

Sample Applications to Clone

UMA $8,000

UMA is an optimistic oracle (OO) that can record any knowable truth onto a blockchain. The OO empowers and secures a diverse ecosystem of web3 applications including the Across bridge and Outcome.Finance, a suite of DAO tooling products.


UMA is offering for the best use of their OO:

  • $5,000
  • $2,000
  • $1,000

Getting Started

The Graph $5,000

The Graph is an indexing protocol for organising and efficiently accessing data from blockchains and storage networks. The Graph has been running a hosted service since January 2019 with over 2,300 subgraphs deployed for Web3 and DeFi applications built on Ethereum and IPFS, like Synthetix, Uniswap, Aave, Balancer, Gnosis, Aragon, and more.


The Graph is offering:

Best use of existing subgraph(s) on The Graph Explorer:

  • 1st Prize - $1,700
  • 2nd Prize - $800

Best new subgraph on The Graph Explorer:

  • 1st Prize - $1,700
  • 2nd Prize - $800

Getting Started

The Graph Documentation

Subgraph Building Demos:

Spruce $5,000

Spruce lets users control their data across the web. We believe that the world is evolving toward one based on cryptography, networks, and digital economies that are user-controlled. Today, the dominant use case for user keys is the signing of blockchain transactions, but we think this barely scratches the surface of what is possible. Soon, the entirety of a user’s digital interactions will be based on their keypairs, and we’re unlocking this transition with our constellation of products. We meet users where they are, and empower them to use their existing keys to Sign-In with Ethereum, manage their digital identity, private storage, and more.


Spruce wants to encourage the creative use of Sign-In with Ethereum to build rich Web3 applications.

Spruce will be awarding teams that use Sign-In with Ethereum in their applications to meaningfully gate usage and access in certain ways, contribute to or extend our existing open-source libraries, or is generally a part of the core application flow.

  • 1x $1,000 for best use cases that use Sign-In with Ethereum for a meaningful workflow in an application.
  • 2x $500 for additional use cases in projects that integrate and use Sign-In with Ethereum.
  • 1x $1,000 for any meaningful contribution to a new or existing Sign-In with Ethereum library (such as extending our open source Discourse library).

Getting Started

Spruce Documentation

Āut Protocol $5,000

Do more with your DAO.

Āut is an extendable Protocol designed to power the next generation of human Coordination.

The DAOs 2.0, if you like, or a DAO Renaissance.

It does so by "expanding" any Standard DAO Contract - with custom Membership modules on top.


Build a DAO-powered DApp with Āut - 5,000 USD

A DAO-powered DApp is a new paradigm in building Decentralized Applications supported by a DAO behind the hood.


This goes to projects using one or more of āut products for the DAO + DApp. We're mainly interested in Creative DApps (i.e.: Art, Music, Poetry, ...) or Public Goods DApps (i.e.: ReFi, NGOs, governance, ...). Functional uses of Āut we will consider are:

  • use āutID for Social Profiles, community or role-based membership
  • use dĀut decentralized authentication system for your DApp/Platform's login

Judging Criteria

From a technical standpoint, in order to be considered, each project needs to have a functional integration of Aut:

  1. Join Āut Hacker DAO & claim your ĀutID
  2. Expand your new DAO with Āut Expander, and give it the name of your project.
  3. Use at least one of the products in our product suite functionally in your DApp: - āutID - dĀut
  4. The integration needs to be functional and well described (on GitHub).

Main judgment criteria will be:

  • innovation
  • completion of the product
  • impact (social or otherwise)

Most innovative project/DApp using Aut for Public Goods, (H)Acktivism or Social Networking (local and otherwise) will have additional points.

Projects that are incomplete, or do not complete steps 1-to-4 won't be considered for the Prize.

Getting Started

XMTP $5,000

XMTP (Extensible Message Transport Protocol) is an open protocol and network for secure, private messaging between Ethereum accounts. With the XMTP SDK, developers can enhance their applications with a universal inbox for direct messages, alerts, and announcements, or build new tools for dapps, DAOs, creators, and protocols to re-engage users via web3 messaging. Its primary contributor, XMTP Labs, is funded by some of the industry’s top venture capital funds including a16z Crypto and Coinbase Ventures.


More to come!

Getting Started

You can get started by checking out the XMTP developer resources, specifically: 

Developer Resources

Previous Hackathon Project Examples

Helpful UI Examples

Unstoppable Domains $5,000

Unstoppable Domains makes your crypto currency payments simple and allows you to build censorship resistant websites.


More to come!

Getting Started

Sismo $5,000


More to come!

Getting Started

More to come!

QuickNode $5,000

QuickNode is the premier Web3 developer platform, helping today's most cutting-edge apps run with speed, reliability, and scale. Powering top projects & businesses, and empowering developers with instant access to 15+ chains across a global node network.


QuickNode is a Web3 developer platform providing access to multiple chains with a wide range of API products to build fast, scalable dApps.

The best use of QuickNode's NFT API or Token API will be eligible to receive the following:

  • 1st - $2,500
  • 2nd - $1,500
  • 3rd - $1,000

Getting Started

QuickNode Documentation

Covalent $5,000

We at Covalent believe that access to organized blockchain data can unlock a billion possibilities and so we provide the best single unified API to bring full transparency and visibility to assets across all blockchain networks. With the Covalent API, there is no need to invest developer resources in writing SQL or other queries since granular, decoded, multi-chain data is immediately available for 30+ blockchain networks including Ethereum, BSC, Polygon, Fantom and Avalanche. Covalent is fast becoming the go-to data provider, with the Covalent API powering over 1,000 industry-leading projects such as Zerion, ChainGuardians, 0x and Reef.The Covalent Unified API is the fastest way to get blockchain data for your ETHNewYork 2022 Hackathon project!


Covalent is offering a $5,000 USD (equivalent in USDC/USDT) prize pool for all projects that make meaningful use of any Covalent API endpoints for their ETHOnline BUIDLs.

Prizes will be awarded at Covalent's discretion, according (but not limited) to the following metrics:

  • Quality of use case
  • Whether there’s a working demo
  • Number of Covalent API endpoints used

To qualify, projects must, at the very least, use one Covalent API endpoint and pull on-chain data from any of our 40 supported chains.

Covalent API is ideal for building multi-chain projects related to:

  • NFT storefronts / marketplaces / galleries
  • On-Chain Analytics / Dashboards
  • Wallets
  • Asset tracking, ROI, cost basis and tax calculators

Getting Started

Developer Resources

  • API Docs - Use the Covalent API directly from the browser with our API docs
  • Use case templates - Build off our ready-to-ship Web3 use case templates for wallets, NFT collections, DEXs and price trackers
  • Knowledge Base - check out our developer support resources and details on every supported blockchain network.

Valist $5,000

Valist is a web3-native software distribution platform powered by best-in-class decentralized protocols. Valist enables developers and DAOs to coordinate, publish, and share, and optionally monetize software without relying on centralized services like GitHub or Steam.


More to come!

Getting Started

Lit Protocol $5,000

Lit is a decentralized compute, encryption, and access control network powered by threshold cryptography.

With Lit, developers can automate signing, reading, and writing data to web3 decentralized networks like Ethereum and IPFS. Additionally, data can be private in these open web applications and only decrypted by authorized parties with Lit access control. 

Lit offers two products, Prograblem Key Pairs (PKPs) and Decentralized Access Control. There is one bounty for each product!


More to come!

Getting Started

Oasis Foundation $5,000

Oasis is the leading privacy-enabled and scalable layer-1 blockchain network. It combines high throughput and low gas fees with secure architecture to provide a next-generation foundation for Web3.

Oasis Network separates consensus and execution into two layers, the Consensus Layer and The ParaTime Layer, for better scalability. Separation of consensus and execution allows multiple ParaTimes to process transactions in parallel, meaning complex workloads processed on one ParaTime won’t slow down faster, simpler transactions on another.


Oasis is offering:

  • $5K for 1 winner


  • A DApp that uses confidentiality that is built and deployed on Oasis Sapphire, the Confidential EVM Compatible Paratime Testnet. 
  • Provide a URL to the code repository (we only accept open sourced projects)
  • A short summary or video explaining what your project is about and its potential growth, highlighting the industry need for your project

Judging Criteria:

  • Product Design
  • Originality
  • Technical Accomplishment
  • Potential Impact

Getting Started

Oasis Documentation

Connext $5,000

Connext is the interoperability protocol of L2 Ethereum. Connext enables sending value and calling contracts across Ethereum-compatible chains and L2s, with plug-in support for non-Ethereum systems. Unlike other approaches, the Connext does this without weakening economic security by introducing third party validators - it instead has the same trust considerations as the underlying chain(s). 


Connext is offering:

Best original project built on Connext - 2,000 USDT

  • Following todays zeitgeist we are looking for solutions that are censorship resistant

Best crosschain augmentation of an existing protocol - 2,000 USDT

  • Augment an existing protocol to make it cross-chain compatible using Connext

Pool bounty - 1,000 USD

  • All hackathon-registered wallets that make a successful xCall during the hackathon period will split this pool. Check hacker starter kit to learn how!

Getting Started

Additional Info

Ceramic $5,000

Ceramic is a decentralized data network that brings unlimited data composability to Web3 applications. With Ceramic's permissionless data streaming network, you can store streams of information and ever-changing files directly on the decentralized web – and share updates with anyone in the world.


ComposeDB Data Discoverability

  • 5,000 USDC

Challenge Description

ComposeDB is in active development. One of the most impactful changes is a move away from DataModels into the world of Composites. Composites are defined with a GraphQL schema and are more flexible than the DataModel approach we have taken in the past.

One major benefit of Composites is their ability to be combined into one large composition of the data your application needs. This composability relies on individual models being discoverable and shareable throughout the Ceramic ecosystem.

Our challenge to you is to build out a proof of concept application that allows these composites to be discovered and shared by all Ceramic developers.

Submission Requirements

  • Working demo and video submission
  • Publicly available code
  • Small write-up providing developer feedback of the ComposeDB package ecosystem, tell us about your experience so we can learn from it!

Judging Criteria

  • Usability and function of the integration
  • Code quality
  • Documentation

Getting Started

Streamr Network $5,000

The Streamr Network is a layer zero protocol for real-time data transport, delivering a bulletproof pub-sub messaging layer. The Network transports streams of messages from data publishers to subscribers, appearing to the user as a global publish/subscribe messaging service. It is similar in functionality to message queues, enterprise messaging systems, MQTT brokers, Apache Kafka, or pub/sub cloud messaging services. Your Ethereum account is your Streamr account and identity. Every data point on Streamr is Cryptographically signed with the Ethereum private key.

Web3 projects can use the protocol in many ways, for example it allows the implementation of real-time features like chats and notifications, or collecting node metrics from a distributed network and sharing them on aggregate level to empower the community.


Use the Streamr protocol in some way as part of your dApp!

  • $2,500
  •  $1,500
  • $1,000

Some ideas:

  • Decentralized real-time wallet-to-wallet communications
  • Off-chain multi-sig chat & conviction voting
  • Decentralized network communications/signalling - nodes can benchmark, gossip with each other their real-time state
  • Validate DeWi networks with your own proof of coverage algorithm
  • Blockchain networking - Broadcast blockchain blocks or signed transactions on streams
  • Open data sharing - Create real-time data exhausts from your open Metaverse character
  • Multiplayer gaming with real-time latency of under a third of a second.
  • Build a Data DAO (Data Union) to monetize pay-to-access crowdsourced data streams

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Unlock $5,000

Unlock is a protocol developers, creators, and platforms can use to create memberships. Unlock’s goal is to ease implementation and increase conversion from “users” to “members,” creating a much healthier monetization environment for the web.

In short, Unlock is an open-source, collectively owned, community-governed, peer-to-peer system that creates time-based memberships.

There are a number of interdependent components of Unlock. These are:

  • Unlock Labs: The core team that created and currently maintains Unlock Protocol.
  • Unlock Protocol: A suite of upgradable smart contracts that create memberships as NFTs.
  • The Unlock Ecosystem: A community of creators, distributors, and consumers who share ownership of Unlock Protocol through their contributions using the protocol.
  • Unlock DAO: A decentralized organization of token holders who govern and control Unlock Protocol.
  • Unlock Tools: Front-end convenience applications built by Unlock Labs to further sustainable innovation on Unlock Protocol.

Unlock Labs created Unlock Protocol to provide an open, shared infrastructure for memberships that removes friction, increases conversion, enables scale, reduces costs, and evolves the web from a business model built on attention toward one based on membership.

Unlock Protocol belongs to the Unlock Ecosystem, not Unlock Labs, and is governed by the Unlock DAO.

The project aims for Unlock Protocol to be the primitive for every membership, both online and offline, around the globe. Together, we will create an internet owned and monetized by creators and their supporters.


Unlock is awarding prizes to projects that have the most inventive use of Unlock:

  • 1st Prize: $3000
  • 2nd Prize: $1500
  • 3rd Prize: $500

Getting Started

NFTPort $5,000

NFTPort is the Stripe for NFTs: one-stop, simple NFT Infrastructure and APIs for developers to bring NFT applications to market in hours instead of months. NFTPort takes care of the infrastructure so that developers can focus on building their application. NFTPort provides APIs for multi-chain NFT data and NFT minting, together with out-of-the-box NFT search, recommendations and detecting NFT counterfeits. NFTPort is used by 5000+ devs, including leading projects such as POAP and Nifty Gateway. Built by a team of ex-NATO, Nvidia & Monese and backed by the Co-Founders of Polygon, Skype & Wise.


NFTPort Pool Prize — $5000

  • Split between any team making meaningful use of NFTPort. To qualify you must accurately report your use of the API.

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deBridge $5,000

deBridge is a generic messaging and cross-chain interoperability protocol that enables anyone to build powerful cross-chain applications where value and messages flow seamlessly. The protocol is a secure infrastructure and framework for:

  • Cross-chain composability of smart contracts
  • Cross-chain swaps between any assets. deSwap is one of the applications built on top of deBridge
  • Bridging of any arbitrary asset and message in one transaction
  • Interoperability and bridging of NFTs


Most innovative cross-chain applications/integrations with the deBridge SDK and generic messaging infrastructure

  • $2,500
  • $1,500
  • $1,000

Getting Started

Tellor $5,000

Tellor is a decentralized oracle protocol that incentivizes an open, permissionless network of data reporting and data validation, ensuring that data can be provided by anyone and checked by everyone.

Built for any data type, our network of reporters supports your basic spot prices, more sophisticated pricing specs (TWAP/VWAP), Random Numbers, Snapshot Vote Results, or any custom data needs you have. If your data can be verified, Tellor can bring it on-chain.


Tellor is offering a $5,000 (in TRB) prize pool for integrations with the top amounts going to the best projects that meet these requirements:

  1. Submit link to deployed and verified contract that integrates “Using Tellor.” 
  2. Use the Tellor contracts to configure Incentives for testnet reporters to provide your data - must submit a tx hash of this tip/payment. Refer to Hacker’s Guide to learn more.

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Tableland $5,000

Tableland is a decentralized database network. Anyone can create & own a programmable TABLE, equipped with on-chain access controls & accessible with SQL. Build dynamic, web3-native experiences using low cost reads & writes on EVM chains.


Tableland is offering:

Most Innovative Use of Tableland, rewarded to the two teams demonstrating a novel use case for using Tableland. Bonus points — cross-chain SQL queries using Ethereum, Polygon, Optimism, and/or Arbitrum.

  • $1,000
  • $500

$3,500 Pool Prize, rewarded to teams that use Tableland SQL tables to store data in a meaningful way; special consideration will be given to teams focused on metaverse/gaming, developer tooling, and/or dynamic NFT metadata.

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