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Equilibrium DAO Ambassador Program

Equilibrium DAO Ambassador Program

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  • Create, discuss and implement your ideas for Equilibrium
  • Contribute to the Equilibrium community**
  • Learn and grow together
  • Earn decent rewards
  • Revolutionize DeFi**

Mission Vision

The project aspires to develop a true and organic community DAO and popularize decentralized governance and transparency of crypto-finance industry. Ultimately, and wants to prove that project success goes hand-in-hand with its community engagement by letting you, as the user, take part, decide, create and, above all, apply your vision to Equilibrium "way of being".

Equilibrium believes in the inner power of the community and the community-led growth. The team is sure that Equilibrium DAO will become its fundamental power towards new heights. Let it be an effective, self-sustainable and сlose-knit family with its members contributing to project awareness, promotion, marketing, research, education and engagement of newcomers.

What’s the plan?

Equilibrium DAO is open to all the members of our global community who have an understanding of the project and relevant background in crypto/DeFi.

Equilibrium is searching for passionate talents with diverse backgrounds to join the crew. We will find a place for anyone motivated enough to сarry forward our promising project.

To build organic DAO (decentralized autonomous organization), which will be a driving engine for Equilibrium on the way to the moon!  Everyone joined will have a say in ambassadors DAO governance, make impact and benefit from each other.

What are the benefits?

  • Get an exclusive access to a variety of interesting tasks for all tastes and choose any you like. Or propose and vote for yours.
  • Earn guaranteed result-based rewards in EQ tokens for completing tasks + bonuses for stand-out performance, compelling content, excellent engagement. Each month the team choose thes “Ambassador of the Month” who will get extra rewards based on their XP in the Crew 3 space.
  • Join a peer community of crypto enthusiasts and become recognized by the community and team for your valuable efforts**.**
  • Engage in content/marketing/development/governance discussions and deliver first-hand feedback to the crew.
  • Cooperate with skilled developers, marketers, community moderators, designers and engineers to gain valuable experience.
  • Give yourself an edge in the cryptocurrency space by gaining real-world experience.
  • Get a sneak peek at upcoming updates and events.
  • Participate in internal meetings with the Equilibrium core team and other ambassadors**.**

Equilibrium expects you:

Have a good understanding of Equilibrium and Polkadot ecosystem, relevant **work experience is appreciated.**Truly care about the project and crypto/DeFi industry, aim to maintain growth and amplify its influence, be ready to stand for it before the public.

Eager to leverage your skills in at least one of these areas:

  • **community moderation, SMM
  • marketing and growth
  • content creation, copywriting, translation
  • analytics
  • design and video-editing
  • events management**

To be enthusiastic about working on equal and fair terms with the team, other ambassadors and the community.

Application process

*Before filling in the application form, read the brief overview of the roles listed HERE and pick the one that suits you best.

Once the team approves your participation, you’ll be guided further. You’ll start as EQ Ambassador, but as your contributions grow, you may become Senior Ambassador.*

Step 1: Join Equilibrium social channels: TwitterTelegramDiscord, Medium. Also, tweet in your account that you’d like to join the Equilibrium Ambassador DAO and don’t forget to tag @EquilibriumDeFi

Step 2: Submit a thorough application, including as many details as possible about your background, motivation, and the role you will be applying for.

Submit your application: Equilibrium Ambassador DAO Application Form

Step 3. **Make sure you have a Polkadot wallet address for getting rewards,

or create one here: https://polkadot.js.org/?utm_source=dropsearn**

Step 4. **Prospective candidates will be reached out shortly via Discord, Telegram or email by our core members Daisy or Amber.

Unsuccessful applicants will not be contacted.**

Step 5. All the selected candidates will be onboarded as EQ Ambassadors to get them up to speed on the program.

Step 6. If you make it to step 6, great job, you crushed it.




Create, discuss and implement your ideas for Equilibrium.

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