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dYdX Foundation Ambassador Program

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Reward pool

$10,000 over a season

USD, exclusive access

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up to $2,000 monthly

USD, exclusive access

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As the project approachs full decentralization in V4, the Ambassador Program will be an integral part of dYdX’s future. Ambassadors will be involved in building out the brand, product, community and drive meaningful change to the protocol.

Ambassadors may assist with the following:

●     Creating data products,

●     Undertaking complex analytics,

●     Generating governance proposals,

●     Writing articles,

●     Brainstorming new use cases for existing dYdX products,

●     Looking for opportunities to collaborate with other DAO’s and communities,

●     Asset listing,

●     Auditing research, and

●     Providing educational content to new and existing users.


Burrows (Working Groups)

Burrows are where group operations happen. They organize specialized skill sets into functional groups, where Ambassadors form working relationships. They are a place where Ambassadors nest and build.

The Burrows include:

  • Analytics Burrow - Leverage data products and analytics to create insights for the wider Ambassador Program and dYdX community.
  • Governance Burrow - Research of other DAOs, be a ninja in all governance procedures and represent the Burrow in any governance related activities. You will provide feedback on proposals, participate in polls and contribute to Commonwealth forum posts. You will also assist in writing proposals for Burrows internally, as well as external assessments of project implementations.
  • Marketing, Content & Media Burrow - Manage our online communities in a structured manner and generate media content, specific to the aims and direction of the dYdX protocol. Also, you’ll respond to questions and formulate concise responses that are replicable for every Ambassador.
  • Risk Analysis Burrow - Provide insights into decision making related to asset listings, auditing and liquidity. This Burrow will support proposals and provide the analysis to make informed decisions. Members of this Burrow are also responsible for vetting other tools and projects that they feel dYdX can collaborate with.
  • Student Burrow - Students from Universities are able to be onboarded as an Ambassador. Students will be able to provide value by providing IRL event hosting, research, University2University AMA’s and coming up with unique ways for the growth of the Burrow and dYdX protocol.
  • User Onboarding & Education Burrow - Create educational content on trading, dYdX, DeFi and the crypto ecosystem. Education includes leading community discussions, AMA’s, twitter spaces and creating IRL events. Members of this Burrow will also assist in building growth campaigns and internal processes for dYdX. You’ll also create a framework to provide support, onboarding, compensating and build out guides for new and existing community members.

Benefits of being an Ambassador

Ambassadors will be an integral part of the team and work collaboratively with each other to come up with ideas and solutions to develop the dYdX ecosystem! Ambassadors will contribute to important decisions about the future of the dYdX protocol.

Ambassadors may receive up to $10,000 of Burrow funding over the course of a season (3 months, starting June 1).

Ambassadors will also be compensated for their time at a rate of $25 per hour, capped at 20 hours per week. This will be distributed monthly (max 80 hours per month). As the Ambassador Program becomes progressively decentralized, there will be also introduced measures to enable leaders of the Burrow to decide on reward mechanisms.

Ambassadors may also be eligible for the following benefits:

  • Exclusive Invitations such as dYdX events, conferences and research calls with the team.
  • dYdX Ambassador meet-ups where you will meet each other and form friendships with like minded people, building the world of DeFi and Web3.
  • Access to Ambassador, Community Manager and Core team only resources for education and training. This includes a high consideration for all feedback.
  • Token Gated Burrow events and calls that require possession of your Burrow specific NFT to attend.
  • Direct Impact to local and global communities by shaping the direction of the dYdX protocol.
  • AAA’s Ask Ambassadors Anything, our weekly call to showcase your contributions to a live audience.
  • Expert Support from the dYdX community.

How to get involved?

The goal is to start small and progressively build out a decentralized ambassador network. As dYdX rolls out the Ambassador Program, the team is looking to onboard 10-15 Ambassadors for the soft-launch over the course of the next few months. If the Ambassador Program is successfully implemented and the working groups (the “Burrows”) are self-sustaining, Burrow leaders will look to increase the number of Ambassadors in each Burrow.

Prospective Ambassadors - If you are interested in becoming an Ambassador please complete the steps below:

(1) Complete the expression of interest form.

(2) Prospective Ambassadors will be contacted via email and if selected, will be asked to complete a 1-month trial starting Season 0 (May 1-May 31). The trial encourages prospective Ambassadors to learn more about their Burrow, provide actionable feedback, ideas, iterations and plans for how they will grow their respective Burrow. It is during this period that Ambassadors formulate proposals and come up with actionable ideas on how to grow their respective Burrow.

(3) Under the “Ambassador - Trial” thread on Commonwealth, please post the following information if you’ve been invited to participate in the trial:

  • Name & Discord Handle:
  • About you:
  • Burrow you intend to work in:
  • Commitment (Hours & Length of time):
  • Projects interested in:
  • Ethereum address:

(4) As soon as you’ve posted on Commonwealth, Burrow channels will open on discord and you can start engaging with respective Burrow members. Ambassadors will be given a unique NFT for their Burrow, which will give them gated access to private communication channels.

(5) During this 1-month trial, you’re encouraged to post all Burrow related activities on clarity and discord. This is where you'll have access to our documentation and are encouraged to document your workflow.

(6) Upon completion of the 1-month, you may be on-boarded as a Burrow Leader and become a dYdX Ambassador!

Note, community members who are not invited to the trial are encouraged to follow the Ambassador Program and to apply for future opportunities. New Ambassadors onboarded during season 1 (June 1-Aug 31) or season 2 (Sept 1-Nov 31) will not be required to complete the trial.

(7) There will be a community vote at the end of season 1 (Aug 31) to establish whether to continue with the current Ambassadors in each respective Burrow. dYdX is starting to implement voting structures here to replicate DAO activity. Please see season structure below:

Season 0 (May 1 - May 31)

Season 1 (June 1 - Aug 31)

Season 2 (Sept 1 - Nov 31)

Season 3 (Dec 1 - Feb 28)

Who is dYdX looking for?

dYdX is looking for Ambassadors who believe that dYdX can become the biggest crypto exchange and want the responsibility of contributing to the growth and success of the dYdX protocol. DYdX Ambassadors have a diverse array of professional and personal experiences, but unite around the mission to grow the dYdX protocol.



dYdX Foundation is looking for Ambassadors who have high integrity, a deep understanding of the dYdX ecosystem and those who are willing to dedicate their time to provide value in developing and growing the dYdX protocol.

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Community leaders


16 Apr 2022 03:00(UTC+3) - 28 Feb 2023 03:00(UTC+3)



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