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DoragonLand Ambassador Program

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DoragonLand needs early supporters from its community to contribute to the long-term growth. As DoragonLand Army, you will represent DoragonLAnd in your local community and create awareness of DoragonLand developments to new markets/communities and potential users through social media marketing.

The Doragon Army will be DoragonLand elite community members who believe in DoragonLand mission and support it early on. They will be significant contributors in expanding the project’s reach and user base.

Any crypto fanatic and gamers and who wish to be long-term supporters of DoragonLand can apply for this position. Also, professionals like writers, influencers, graphic designers, video editors, etc., can apply for this program.

Privileges extended to The Doragon Army

As an appreciation for all the hard work and contribution of The Doragon Army, the team will be rewarding members with some extended benefits:

  1. Receive monthly DOR Tokens based on your contribution.
  2. Be a part of internal meetings and work with the core team to develop DoragonLand’s outreach.
  3. Provide suggestions and feedback about growing as a community by engaging in regular calls with the core team.
  4. Exclusive access to team events and activities.
  5. Recognition as the early and long-term supporter of DoragonLand in DoragonLand community.

Who can be in DoragonLand’s Elite Doragon Army?

Specific skills are required from Doragon Army, which will help them to create awareness about DoragonLand in the digital world. Anyone who possesses any of the following skills can become a part of the Doragon Army Ambassador Program:

  1. Social media influencers
  2. Translators
  3. Graphic designers
  4. Content Writers
  5. Technical Advocates
  6. Local/Regional Community Influencers

Your role as a Doragon

  1. Increase engagement across DoragonLand various social media platforms by sharing all of DoragonLand’s significant announcements and updates.
  2. Reaching out to potential projects and trying to get them on board with DoragonLand.
  3. Spread awareness in the community about DoragonLand vision, updates, and events on Telegram, Twitter, and other social media platforms.
  4. Collect feedback from the community.
  5. Give feedback on new products and developments.
  6. Create and share content related to DoragonLand’s updates and events on social media.
  7. Create informative graphics and creative GIFs/Memes/Stickers about DoragonLand and share them on Telegram, Twitter, and other social media platforms.
  8. Translate the content, such as articles, blogs, announcements, etc., into your regional language and promote them in your local community through social media platforms.
  9. Attend various events organized by DoragonLand and interact with new members.

Fill and submit all the details in the form.

DoragonLand team will carefully review each application, and people who have what it takes to become a member of this exclusive Doragon Army group will be selected. Selected candidates will receive an invitation message on Telegram or e-mail with the DoragonLand Doragon Army group invitation link.

If you are skilled in social media handling, marketing, creative designing, content creation, or community building, you are the right fit for the job!


  • Rewards are not guaranteed. You’ll receive rewards according to the contribution.
  • Filling in the form does not guarantee selection.

About DoragonLand

DoragonLand is one of a kind first-ever NFT card game.

Specifically, DoragonLand is a paradise for both game lovers and crypto-enthusiasts since the game offers users various chances to earn $DOR, its native token, and claim irresistible NFT collectibles by completing in-game quests or participating in events.

DoragonLand does not limit to only providing users with excellent game services with longevity but also extends to blockchain integration, an emerging phenomenon that has taken the world by storm, creating a brand new GameFi project with much anticipation. Play-to-Earn, by far the most developed and favorable model of GameFi projects which allows players to participate in the game development and earn by playing, is implemented in the game to magnify users’ experiences.

The implementation of NFT and P2E models allows game developers to preserve the rarity and uniqueness of in-game items and users to claim exclusive ownership rights of game assets, which can be earned and traded on the NFT Marketplace — Mirana.

As a team working closely with the gamers and crypto community, DoragonLand are giving an opportunity to the community members to take part in the development of the project and contribute to the achievements and success of the game.





DoragonLand are launching our Ambassador Program, Doragon Army, which is open for everyone. The program encourages crypto enthusiasts and gamers to join the Doragon Army and play an essential part in its long-term growth. In return for their contribution and efforts, the Army will be bestowed various exclusive benefits and privileges.

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22 Nov 2021 03:00(UTC+3) - 22 Feb 2022 03:00(UTC+3)



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