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Data Ownership Protocol (DOP), a pioneer in developing next-generation privacy infrastructure for customizable data control on Ethereum, has unveiled its Testnet, a precursor platform designed for users to delve into DOP's unique functionalities ahead of its full-scale launch.

Participants who adeptly complete all testing steps can look forward to DOP token rewards, slated for distribution in early 2024 after the token's official launch, valuing their contribution.

Getting Started

  1. Optimal Experience: For the best experience, make sure you’re using the latest version of the Google Chrome browser on your desktop. Please note that the mobile version is not yet available but will be released soon.
  2. Metamask Wallet: Currently, usage is enabled only through the Metamask wallet, so ensure it’s set up on your browser.

How to Join the DOP Testnet

Step 1: Visit the DOP Website

  • Go to this link and click on the “Testnet” button at the top of the homepage.

Step 2: Create or Import Wallet

  • Read and agree to the terms and conditions.
  • Enter your email address for future reminders.
  • Click “Continue.”
  • Click “Create Wallet.”
  • Enter a new password and confirm it.
  • Copy the Secret Recovery Phrase and save it securely.
  • Verify the Secret Recovery Phrase.
  • Copy the secret key.
  • Unlock your wallet using the password.

Step 3: Connect Wallet

  • Click “Start” on the welcome screen.
  • Select Metamask to connect your external wallet.
  • Confirm the connection in your external wallet.

The Testing Dashboard

  • The dashboard is your testing environment.
  • There are 8 steps to complete for DOP rewards.
  • The left menu bar contains functions available on the Testnet.

Step 1: Follow DOP on X (formerly Twitter)

  • Click “Sign in with X” and follow DOP on X.
  • Confirm your follow by checking the checkbox.

Steps 2–4: Claim Testnet Tokens

  • In each step, click the “Claim” button to get test tokens.

Step 5: Encrypt Assets

  • Click “Get Started.”
  • Select DOP Address and a token to encrypt.
  • Specify the amount and click “Encrypt.”
  • Confirm the transaction in Metamask.

Step 6: Send Assets

  • Click “Get Started.”
  • Select the destination DOP account.
  • Choose the encrypted token and specify the amount.
  • Click “Send” and confirm the transaction.

Step 7: Decrypt Assets

  • Click “Get Started.”
  • Choose the encrypted token and specify the amount.
  • Enter your Wallet Password and click “Decrypt.”
  • Confirm the transaction in Metamask.

Final Step: Invite 3 Friends

  • Share your unique referral link with at least 3 friends.
  • Click “Done.”

All Done

  • Once 3 friends join through your link, you’ll be eligible for DOP rewards.
  • Earn a bonus for additional referrals (up to a maximum of 100).
  • Check your progress and bonus details under “Invite & Earn” on the dashboard.




Data Ownership Protocol (DOP) is revolutionizing blockchain privacy on Ethereum, using zk-SNARKs and ECDSA cryptography to enable users to selectively disclose specific data types, such as asset holdings, transaction patterns, and account balances. Echoing Vitalik Buterin's vision, DOP tackles the longstanding issues, incorporating Zero-knowledge KYC, and granting users unprecedented control over their digital footprint while upholding transparency where needed.

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