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Divergence Community Program

Divergence Community Program

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Whether you are aware of it, you already are “diving” in the volatile waters of decentralized finance on a daily basis, whether it be by trading, staking, liquidity mining, and so on. With your head always submerged in search of yield, you may also wonder about better ways to manage market volatility.

How to participate?

We are hosting multiple campaigns for community members to get involved in. For each completed task, you will be rewarded with Divergence community points, and those with the highest total score (top 200 on the leaderboard) will be eligible to claim a share of their $DIVER reward pool. To participate, you will have to register through telegram bot and follow the steps messaging command: /start.


The telegram bot will ask for your:

  1. Email address;
  2. Twitter username;
  3. Ethereum wallet address in order to put you on the leaderboard.

Once you do, you are successfully registered in this campaign and could proceed to complete the tasks below:

1) Submit Your Ethereum Address (Up to 100 points)

As a volatility yield harvesting & risk management Lego block serving the DeFi market, they want to offer their users — DeFi market participants — a stake in the game. Those who have interacted with the following major DeFi players prior to June 23 UTC 0:00 will be rewarded with 20 community points each, up to 100 points in total.

Submit your Ethereum address to their bot and team will checks your interaction history with the following:

  1. Yearn;
  2. Sushi;
  3. Curve;
  4. Anchor;
  5. Polygon.

If you haven’t interacted with any of the above projects, not to worry, team has even more tasks allowing you to get some of that sweet $DIVER.

2) Follow & Retweet (20 points)

You will be rewarded 20 community points for spreading awareness of Divergence on Twitter.

  1. Follow @divergencedefi on Twitter
  2. Like and retweet campaign post
  • Note: In order to receive the full 20 community points, you need to click retweet, quote tweet, then add the response “I’d like to trade ___ [fill in as many asset pairs as you’d like, using their hashtag] options on Divergence”.

3) Telegram Referrals (20 points + Bonus)

Join their telegram group for 20 community points and invite fellow Chads for bonus points.

  1. Join official Telegram group
  2. Invite your friends using your custom referral link
  • Note: The telegram bot will generate a referral link for you. You will receive 30% of the community points your referrals have earned as a bonus. For example, if you have 3 referrals, and their community points are: 40, 50, 100 each, then you will receive a referral bonus of (40+50+100)*30%=57. However, only the first 20 referrals will be counted, so only invite those you believe are the best fit for Divergence and make sure they register through bot.

4) Divergence Early Backer Bonus (20 points)

They are not forgetting early supporters of Divergence — If you joined the official Divergence Telegram group prior to June 23 UTC 0:00 (before the campaign announcement), congratulations, you will enjoy 20 community points as a bonus.

5) Leaderboard Status and Reward Distribution

The campaign lasts until July 7, UTC 0:00, when the Top 200 on the leaderboard will share a $30,000 DIVER reward divided depending on the points each participant earned. You will be able to check your points and ranking through the telegram bot.

Rewards will be distributed to the Ethereum address you provided within 1 month after $DIVER tokens are issued and start trading.

  • Beware of scams: Divergence team will never DM you to ask you to send funds anywhere. Please kindly always check official sources and never reveal your private keys to anyone.

What If I am Not Among Top 200?

Even if you don’t win this time, don’t worry, your community scores will remain and may give you access to other privileges in the future, maybe, an IDO whitelist? Aside from the above tasks, team is also providing creative community members with the opportunity to earn $DIVER directly.

1) Meme Madness (8,000 $DIVER in Total)

They know their community is full of fine artists and the most skilled memesters among them shall be rewarded. The Divergence team will select the 10 best memes and creators will win:

  • 1st place: 2,000 $DIVER
  • 2nd-5th place: 1,000 $DIVER each
  • 6th-10th place: 400 $DIVER each

Post your memes on Twitter and tag them @divergencedefi, then fill out this form with a link to your post. Winners will be selected and announced within 7 days after the end of the campaign.

2) Tip Jar (10,000 $DIVER in Total)

Community creativity will always be cherished. Create Twitter threads (> 3 tweets) describing your experiences with risks in DeFi — impermanent loss, interest rates, farming yields — and ideas about how options & volatility products like Divergence will solve those issues.

Don’t forget to tag them @divergencedefi and send over the link to your piece by filling out this form. Team will selects up to 10 winners, offering each 1,000 $DIVER.


Team is excited to announce a special community leaderboard campaign. They invite you to join them as Divers, and gain early access to governance token, $DIVER, by completing a shortlist of challenges.

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23 Jun 2021 12:00(UTC+3) - 7 Jul 2021 03:00(UTC+3)



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