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DisciplesDAO Ambassador Program

DisciplesDAO Ambassador Program

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Reward pool

$4,000 monthly

~36, 000, 000 DCT

Expected profit



Max participants

No limit

DropsEarn score


Normal, Low Risks


Anyone can be DisciplesDAO embassadors, but YOU should be:

  • An active user in DisciplesDAO with a great passion for the products and the team.
  • A crypto enthusiast with knowledge and experience of DAO, metaverse, or blockchain.
  • You are eager to get involved with the COD team and help the project grow.
  • You are interested in networking with projects and communities.
  • You love engaging and being friendly to all members/users.
  • You are a proactive content creator, a graphic designer, or an influencer.

What is the Role You Play as You Become an Ambassador?


Be active and friendly in the community, helping newcomers quickly and fully understand the project.

Answering questions, responding to comments, and relaying relevant feedback to the COD team.

Buzz Agent

Be a source of knowledge for COD online, help out answering questions where necessary.

Be active on social media and promote the project, including but not limited to liking and retweeting COD posts, making positive comments about COD in other crypto communities.

Establishing and growing regional communities.


Create original and creative content such as educational videos and articles, GIFs, memes, etc.

Participating in the test and giving feedback.

Why Choose DisciplesDAO?

If you have successfully been our ambassador, you could not only gain the financial rewards, but also some life-beneficial skills and experiences, which will bring to a brighter future.


  1. $4,000 in $DCT will shared by DisciplesDAO Ambassadors per month. Tips: Contribute more, earn more.
  2. Friendship: Direct access to DisciplesDAO team and leadership for guidance and support.
  3. Be part of an extended team: Being a part of the larger community of blockchain enthusiasts and being a key contributor to DisciplesDAO.

How to Be DisciplesDAO Ambassador?

  1. Join Discord 
  2. Submit you application to MOD, and get detailed information
  3. MOD will tell you what you should do for DisciplesDAO




DisciplesDAO is announcing the ambassador program. This program aims to encourage the community members to get fully involved in the project and provide potential support in developing the project both in community building and project improvement.

Activity Type


Social networks




Community leaders


16 May 2022 03:00(UTC+3) - 16 Aug 2022 03:00(UTC+3)



When Reward:

every month

Event Status

You can't participate(Event ended)