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Desmos Community Program

Desmos Community Program

    Since Desmos will be a protocol to create social networks and they are used by the majority of the people nowadays, they thought it might be a good catch to use their project to attract new people in the wider blockchain space as well. This program will run alongside with Desmos Primer and reward people willing to contribute to their community.

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    from 10 DSM
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  • Activity Type: Social networks Content Community Activity Translation
  • Date: from 26 Aug 2020 12:00(UTC+3)
  • Registration: Open
  • Event status: You can participate (Event started, Registration open)
  • Links: Official Announcement
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Rewarded activities 

As part of the Desmos Community program, team are going to reward any activity aimed at expanding community.
This includes but is not limited to:

  • writing blog posts about Desmos;
  • translating website/blog posts in different languages;
  • helping new users
  • … and any other social impacting activity.

If you would like to know more about the rewarded activities or you already have thought about some contribution and you would like to know if they might reward it, please join Discord server.

How rewards will be distributed 

Once you have an idea about a contribution, or you have already made some progress, you can contact with team using Discord server.

From there you will talk in private with one of team members to let them know about your contribution. Once they fully understands your work, they will let the other team members know by escalating your request using private communication channels. If your request is approved, you will be contacted by the same team member you initially spoke with that will inform you about the procedure to effectively obtain the reward.

Please note that rewards will consist only in Desmos Tokens (DSM).
Desmos team will not distribute any other form of reward.

Also, note that the rewards amount will be discussed on a case by case basis and we will take many different factors into consideration when doing so. Some examples might be:

  • impact of the contribution on the community
  • usefulness of the contribution for the team
  • time spent
  • your estimated value of the contribution
  • … and many others