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DeGate, a Decentralized Exchange (DEX) protocol built on zero-knowledge technology, has released its Testnet, with plans to launch Mainnet in mid-summer this year. DeGate fills a key gap in the market by providing spot order book trading and grid trading within the Ethereum ecosystem, offering an experience similar to centralized exchanges.

1. Testnet tokens

Testnets allow you to interact with DeFi without investing real money. The Testnet is an alternative blockchain to be used for testing new tokens, allowing users to perform tasks in a hands-on manner without incurring financial risk.

To be clear, Testnet tokens = Play money (with no monetary value)

Testnet tokens are different from actual tokens, and they do not have any monetary value. As DeGate supports permissionless listing in testnet, users can freely register any other ERC20 testnet tokens and create new trading pairs. Please note that testnet tokens are meant to only work in a testing environment, therefore users are unable to make purchases "in real life".

2. Maintenance

In the testnet environment, feedback on improvements and bugs will be collated from community users. As such, scheduled maintenance will still be performed on the protocol during the testnet phase. Timely announcements will be provided to the community during scheduled maintenance.

3. Limitations of Testnet

While Testnet is being deployed, it is also constrained by certain limitations. The limitations include throughput limits and lower TPS compared to the final Mainnet deployment. These planned limitations will enable the team to focus on ironing out the kinks as we gear up for Mainnet deployment.

Feedback and Bug Reporting

Please refer to the following ways below to leave feedback to the team

Report bugs and other issues: Any issues and bugs found can be submitted at the link HERE, through email: [email protected], or contact DeGate directly on Discord. App Feedback Form: Leave your feedback to us via the "Feedback" button located at the top right corner of

How to get Test tokens?

Please refer to the following section for a step-by-step guide in getting the Test tokens.

About DeGate

DeGate is Limit Orders, Decentralized on Ethereum. DeGate provides possibilities to trade the spot market with Limit Orders with the benefits of trading on a DEX. Trades on DeGate protocol are matched by Zero-Knowledge technology, which enables trades to be cheaper and with higher transaction processing per second throughput. 

DeGate operates as a DAO, which has full control over the Treasury. 



DeGate, a Decentralized Exchange (DEX) protocol built on zero-knowledge technology, has released its Testnet, with plans to launch Mainnet later this year.

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