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Decentraland & Matic Festive Creations

Decentraland & Matic Festive Creations

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equal in MANA, LAND

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from $500

equal in MANA, LAND

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No limit

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Normal, Low Risks

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Matic is making a generous contribution to the prize pool. This means that instead of a final three, there’ll be 10 – finalists sharing in a total prize pool of around $20k USD worth of MANA, LAND and Badges. Here’s how it breaks down:

  • First place: 40000 MANA (~ $3000 USD value) + LAND + Gold Special Badge
  • Second place: 32000 MANA (~ $2500 USD value) + LAND + Silver Special Badge
  • Third place: 26000 MANA (~ $2000 USD value) + LAND + Bronze Special Badge
  • Fourth place: 20000 MANA (~ $1500 USD value) + LAND + Special Badge
  • Fifth place: 13000 MANA (~ $1000 USD value) + LAND + Special Badge
  • Places 6th to 10th: 7000 MANA (~ $500 USD value) + Special Badge

Two new prizes to the mix

  • Best New Creator: Special Badge + 13000 MANA ($1000 USD value) + LAND
  • Community Prize: Special Badge + 13000 MANA ($1000 USD value) + LAND (To be eligible for this prize, the creator must deploy the scene in-world and host a launch event for the community. Attendees vote on proposals by signing the scene’s guest book. The submission with the most votes wins (goes without saying but some people have a hard time understanding this concept).

How yule save Xmas

  • You’ll be judged on your overall idea, game design, interactivity, wow factor and more. There’ll also be bonus points if you submit your scene using Matic.
  • You don’t need to own LAND to participate. All Game Jam scenes will be deployed to Decentraland but if you do own LAND you can deploy scenes to your own property.
  • Scenes submitted should have a significant part of them developed during the two weeks of Game Jam – from November 23 until the final deadline at midnight (UTC) on December 7. You should clarify if you reused any prior work as part of the scene
  • Scenes need to be interactive. By this team mean that the player can perform actions that have a meaningful impact on the scene. It’s also good if the scene connects to external APIs. You are encouraged to submit scenes that use blockchain technology.
  • You’re encouraged to share the code used in your scene, but this is not required. You can instead share a playable link to your scene.
  • If your scene consists of a game with rules that aren’t obvious, you should provide instructions, either in-world or in the submit form.

You will of course retain all the rights to assets and code after submitting your scene. You can also open-source the code.


Judges from Decentraland will be casting their eyes over your creations. They’ll be awarding points based on the following criteria:



The aim is to essentially create the most entertaining experiences for the Decentraland community, to spread as much joy as possible and turn the metaverse into the merryverse in time for Xmas.

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23 Nov 2020 03:00(UTC+3) - 8 Dec 2020 03:00(UTC+3)



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