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The points program is a big growth initiative deBridge has launched for all stakeholders, partners, integrators, users, and others to gain points based on the value and fees they have provided to the deBridge ecosystem.

How can I get points?

You can earn points by performing cross-chain value transfers, referring new users, or integrating deBridge into your app.

Why are you having a points program?

deBridge believes everyone who has used deBridge and its applications and paid fees toward the deBridge treasury deserves a share in the collective and future success. The launch of deBridge points program is a medium to incorporate decentralized governance and hand over power to the community in the future.

What does the point distribution overview look like?

You earn 100 points for every $1 in fees paid to the protocol. Similarly, paying $10 in fees will earn 1000 points for the particular transaction.

What are multipliers, and how can I receive them?

Multipliers help you earn extra points for bridge transfers made across the deBridge ecosystem. deBridge has both retroactive multipliers to reward past loyalty and current multipliers, to reward current/future loyalty. Head over to the blog to learn more or connect your wallet address in the explorer to learn if you have a multiplier assigned for Season 1.

How do I get started?

Anyone can start earning points by making a cross-chain trade on the deBridge app or any of deBridge integrators. Get started bridging here: deBridge app

Can I stack/combine multipliers?

This depends on the type of specific multiplier, whether it’s stackable or not. E.g., the multiplier for using the Solflare wallet in the deBridge app is stackable, while there may be instances with specific project integrations where this is not enabled. None of the multipliers apply to IaaS subscriptions.

I provided liquidity in deSwap when you had liquidity pools in the past, do I get points?

Yes, prior liquidity providers for deSwap have received points. You can find the list of eligible addresses here.

All LPs have been assigned a 1.5x multiplier for Season 1.

What will deBridge points be used for?

deBridge aims to walk towards the path of decentralization and reward its loyal and long-term community members and users across the deBridge ecosystem. Season 1 of the Points campaign will conclude at TGE, where a certain part of the token supply will be distributed among point owners. This will be based on criteria that will be revealed closer to TGE after a snapshot is taken. Stay tuned for more details on this soon!

How can a project implement deBridge Widget or API?

deBridge Widget/API helps you create blazingly fast cross-chain experiences right within your dApp or website. Here’s the quick start guide:

You can also reach out to the team on Discord and get all the support you need.

Who are some of your integration partners that give deBridge points when using them?

Any integrator and project that has integrated deBridge cross-chain infrastructure, e.g. via the deBridge API or Widget will provide points when using them. Some examples are the likes of Jupiter, Solflare Wallet, Zeta Markets, Birdeye, Perpetual Protocol, Banana Gun, and others.

How frequently are points updated?

Your points overview will be updated shortly after a transfer is completed (it may take up to a few hours to update the points).

Where can I see the points that I have obtained?

You can check your points and other stats on the points program site:

How does the referral component work?

The deBridge referral and tracking process is straightforward and intuitive for anyone who wants to grow the community. This includes integrators, users, and other stakeholders, who can start tracking the activity (volume, fees, and transactions) they drive with their specific referral code.

It’s fully on-chain and all the activity that a unique referral code is generating can be fully tracked via deBridge statistics page after connecting the wallet that has initiated the code.

Check out more information and details in the docs

How can I get started with referring friends?

Anyone can generate their referral link and earn 25% on top of the points generated by their referrers. Here’s how you do it:

  1. Open deBridge explorer
  2. Connect your EVM wallet and click “Refer”
  3. Pick the blockchain to interact with Polygon’s smart contract and generate a unique referral link
  4. Start referring users and accrue points

What happens if I self-refer with multiple wallets to gain more points?

deBridge understands that participants wish to earn more points across multiple wallets. However, deBridge can’t allow gamification of its setup, and deBridge will nullify the accumulated points of self-referred wallets or addresses with sybil behavior if they cross a specific threshold and/or meet specific criteria.




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