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Cypherium Ambassador Program

Cypherium Ambassador Program

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How To Participate:

  1. Review Terms and Conditions
    The Terms and Conditions for the Cypherium Ambassador Program will give you more information on the program. Please read the Terms and Conditions carefully for rights, duties, liabilities, eligibility, and necessary conditions for applying and participating in the Program. Your participation in the program is subject to your agreeing to the Terms and Conditions.
  2. Application Process
    Complete the Application Form based on your submission type. You are eligible to apply for both roles.
  3. Reward Announcement
    Award recipients, which include Tier-1 to Tier-5 Ambassadors, will be subject to a rigorous screening process. We will make announcements for selections on the first day of each month, starting on May 1, 2020.
  4. Reward Distribution
    Selected Award Recipients will receive a confirmation email directly from the Cypherium Core Team. All rewards will be sent to the wallet address you submit and will be distributed by the Cypherium Core team. All Reward Recipients will undergo the KYC certification process before receiving the CPH tokens. Wallet coming soon on



1. Content Ambassador

Blockchain Analyst:

  • Analyze Cypherium blockchain’s solutions that solve real-life problems
  • Analyze Cypherium blockchain’s new case studies such as the Randstad use case
  • Analyze Cypherium blockchain’s advantages over other blockchains

Social Media Blogger:

  • Blog about Cypherium’s vision, technology, direction, roadmap, etc.


  • Create educational videos about the Cypherium blockchain
  • Create review videos of Cypherium’s current or potential use-cases
  • Create review videos of Cypherium’s blockchain capabilities

Graphic Designer:

  • Create Infographics that explain features about the Cypherium Blockchain
  • Design creative graphics, emojis, merchandise for the Cypherium community


  • Translate media coverage about Cypherium for readers in your local community

2. Ecosystem Ambassador

  • Lecture or speak at events, meetups, community gatherings
  • Create a local Cypherium community channel and engage in networking through appropriate social networking platforms
  • Discover new use cases for Cypherium blockchain / use case acquisition
  • Create media referrals to land media coverage
  • Recommend a pragmatic vision and assist with designing a roadmap
  • Provide insightful and constructive feedback
  • Conduct token sale referrals for a 5% bonus of your referred individual’s purchase


The Cypherium Ambassador Program constitutes a 5-tier reward structure, and the more creative your submission, the higher your reward will be. We welcome originality, creativity, and active engagement.

The total value of Cypherium tokens that will be rewarded in the Cypherium Ambassador Program is $1,000,000 USD. An Ambassador who demonstrates exceptional quality and activity will be given the honorable and official title, “Cypherium Ambassador.” The Cypherium Ambassador has the potential to receive an unlimited performance-based reward. The reward system is tiered into five titles with the corresponding reward amount.


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Please be aware that the Cypherium Ambassador Program application is open and available only on the official Cypherium Ambassador Program Application Form. You will not have access to the application form on any other websites or platforms. All rewards will be distributed to you by the Cypherium team. All reward recipients will go through the KYC Certification process before receiving the CPH tokens, which is only available through the Cypherium Wallet.

All applications for the Cypherium Ambassador Program will be reviewed by the Cypherium Core Team on a rolling basis until all Reward Tokens (5,000,000 CPH or $1,000,000) have been distributed.

For the prosperity of the Cypherium ecosystem, we are also planning educational programs, hackathons, and other promotional events that actively promote Cypherium’s technology and support our developer community. Our upcoming Token Referral Program and Developer Bounty Program are examples of our goal to yield more value to our ecosystem.



The Cypherium Ambassador Program is a chance to receive rewards for contributing to ecosystem. The purpose of the program is to stimulate the growth of the Cypherium ecosystem and your contribution will be invaluable to growth.

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