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CyBall Alpha Testing & Bug Bounty Program

CyBall Alpha Testing & Bug Bounty Program

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The CyBall Alpha is the first version of CyBall that will be released to members of the community. As part of the testing phase, selected participants will be able to delve into CyBall and test out its gameplay to get a grasp for what the full version may eventually look and feel like. Players will be able to:

  • Navigate and inspect each CyBloc within your collection
  • Enter into a 3v3 Exhibition match, in which you can enjoy all of CyBall promised gameplay features including Strategy, Tactic Cards, Goalkeeper Interactions and Penalty Shootout

Selected applicants will be able to access the testing phase of CyBall Alpha once they have been given a CyBall Alpha Pass.

Can I earn rewards during the testing phase of CyBall Alpha?

Yes and no. There will be no Play-to-Earn rewards, on a match by match basis, during the testing period of this launch. However, participants will all have the opportunity to earn:

  • Genesis Rewards, in the form of CYB, which are reserved for early supporters.
  • Bounties which are CYB and/or USDT rewards, as part of the Bug Bounty Program, should you manage to discover any hidden bugs within the game and report these back to our team.

Final eligibility to receive rewards and amounts given out will be up to the discretion of the team upon evaluating testing activity, feedback and severity of any bugs.

How can I participate?

Apply through the Google form linked with the following details:

  • Email address
  • Discord username
  • Twitter handle
  • In 25 words or less tell why you would love to get your hands on an Alpha Pass (will be picked out the best submissions)

Up to 1,000 passes will be granted per day from 17/1 to 24/1. Keep an eye out on your Discord role.


You will be able to check if you have been selected in Discord. If you have been selected, you will be granted a “Alpha Pass” role and will be able to access a private category in Discord named “Alpha Pass”.

Within this private category and its channels, you will be given a set of instructions on how to download the game and participate in the Bug Bounty Program. You will also be invited to provide feedback and your evaluation of the game in “discussion-and-feedback”, with which the team will use to evaluate for further game updates, and also to consider genesis rewards.

CyBall Bug Bounty Program

The Bug Bounty Program will be open to everyone who has access to the Alpha Version of CyBall. If you identify a bug, submit it using the form in the pinned post within the Alpha Pass announcement channel and bug bounty channel using CyBall template for the team to evaluate. Suitable rewards will be given out depending on the severity of the bug.

How long will the testing phase of CyBall Alpha and Bug Bounty Program run for?

The testing phase and Bug Bounty Program will run from Now until Jan 29, 2022 and may be extended if needed.



CyBall has announced Alpha Testing & Bug Bounty Program.

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20 Jan 2022 03:00(UTC+3) - 29 Jan 2022 03:00(UTC+3)



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