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Cudos Rangers Program

Cudos Rangers Program

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equal in CUDOS

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from $200

equal in CUDOS

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Normal, Low Risks

Detailed information 

Pick your squad, complete tasks, earn CUDOS

  • To add spice and an element of competition team are introducing ‘Cudos Ranger Squads’ that would work towards specific goals and objectives.
  • Each Squad will have a Squad leader, who will be responsible for Squad management.
  • Squads are welcome to help each other and cooperate for the common goal: Growing Cudos community and its ecosystem.

Cudos Ranger Squads

Individual rewards

  • $200-$500 CUDOS per month per squad member

Awarded to individual squad members based on their monthly performance. Given based on overall quality of content, views, originalit and impact. Participate in Limited-time activities, complete high value tasks for extra Cudos.

Monthly squad rewards

  • $1000 CUDOS per squad

Awarded based on squad performance determined by Buzz, Power & ContributionBuzz. How engaged are members of your squad on Cudos CommunitiesPower Activity: Building DApps, Running Nodes, Miners etc. Total one-time awards won by your squad over the past month.




Team is delighted to announce exclusive Cudos Rangers Program. Join them and take part in revolutionizing the computing industry.

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