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CryptoDo Ambassador Program

CryptoDo Ambassador Program

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As an ambassador, you will have significant influence on the development of CryptoDo, and the most active participants will have the opportunity to officially join the team. This program provides participants with access to exclusive rewards and privileges such as special tokens, NFTs, early access, airdrops, and more. Don’t miss your chance — join the program today to start changing the web3 landscape with us!

Who Can Join?

Absolutely anyone who wants to support CryptoDo and help build the future of web3 can join the program.

All that is required from you is a deep understanding of the project and active participation in its development and promotion.

How Can You Join The Program?

  1. Fill out the CryptoDo ambassador form
  2. Follow Twitter to stay in touch with all the latest news
  3. Wait for a CryptoDo team member to contact you for further coordination.

What Can You Earn?

  • Access to an exclusive CDO, USDT & NFTs prize pool for ambassadors
  • Opportunity to receive future airdrops
  • We will help you become a crypto expert and influencer with the knowledge and tools
  • Gain access to bonuses from partners and the most promising projects in the CryptoDo ecosystem
  • Opportunity to join the CryptoDo team
  • Receive limited edition CryptoDo merch

Tasks for Ambassadors:

  1. Create videos on YouTube (reviews, tutorials, etc.). The CryptoDo team will assist you with this.
  2. Create articles or threads about the project.
  3. Create documentation and official project instructions (for ambassadors who are experts in web3).
  4. Create short content (TikTok, Reels, Shorts).
  5. Support the project on social media, be active on Twitter, Telegram, and Discord. Talk about the project, retweet, comment, like.
  6. Be active in CryptoDo community groups.
  7. Create memes, stickers, art, etc.
  8. Test the product and find bugs in CryptoDo.

The list of tasks will be updated, and everyone will find something that suits their skills and talents.

For every task, points are awarded, and ambassadors compete with each other on the leaderboard.

All activities are manually assessed by CryptoDo moderators. The more engagement, content quality, publication reach, etc., the more points you receive. The higher you are on the leaderboard, the more rewards you will receive. More details about the rewards will be shared later.

About CryptoDo

CryptoDo is an innovative no-code infrastructure for launching DApps. It allows anyone to create web3 applications in 5 minutes without coding skills. Dozens of popular web3 use cases are available on a single platform: Easily create tokens, NFTs, staking portals, DAOs, and many other DApps with just a few clicks at




CryptoDo has launched an unique ambassador program for its community, which reimagines the use of web3 technologies.

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