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CryptEx Ambassador Program

CryptEx Ambassador Program

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Every CRX Ambassador will be monitored by the team during the first 15 days and will accumulate points based on their social media interactions. Ambassadors should make every effort to increase community engagement by sharing each of their social posts in the CRX telegram and motivating community members to interact (like, comment, share, retweet, up-vote, etc.). Ambassadors should constantly be looking for ways to increase engagement on social channels. Every action an ambassador makes needs to be logged so the team can verify it. All ambassador actions will receive points scored (in range of 1 to 3 points, based on interactions, number of tweet impressions, likes, etc). The point per action will be assigned by the CryptEx Team.

Who are CRX Ambassadors?

CRX Ambassadors are passionate members of our community that support the platform in various ways, such as promoting CryptEx on social media and motivating others to engage, providing feedback to improve offerings, and assisting users with questions and concerns.


  • Real Email Address for communication purposes.
  • BSC Wallet Address for rewards payout.
  • A Twitter Account for account verification.


  • Represent the interest and values of CryptEx and its motto Make BSC, Polygon and xDAI #SAFU Again
  • Be friendly, polite, motivated, and have a solid understanding of crypto knowledge.
  • Active on any of the following social media (Twitter, Reddit, Telegram, YouTube, 4chan)
  • Enthusiasm and creativity to engage people.
  • Graphic design skills is a plus.


There will be 3 reward tiers:

  1. Level 1 ambassadors: receive 1 CRX every 15 days
  2. Level 2 ambassadors: receive 2 CRX every 15 days
  3. Level 3 ambassadors: receive 3 CRX every 15 days

The rewards will be paid bi-weekly (every 15 days). After a 15 day promotion cycle finishes, a new one immediately begins.

Example: The ambassador gets approval and immediately starts promoting CryptEx on April 1st. On April 15th, this ambassador cycle will be finished. The CryptEx team needs time to evaluate all ambassador activity at the time each cycle ends. Activity will be evaluated and you will receive payment for the April 1st - April 15th cycle, before the next cycle April 15th - April 30th completes.

The information provided by you in this form is subject to verification and does not guarantee eligibility.



The CryptEx Ambassadors Program is created for CryptEx community members, who are willing to enhance the presence and image of the project on social media. This includes tweeting / commenting / making 4chan threads / Reddit threads / memes / logos / YouTube videos, etc.

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from 22 Sep 2021 03:00(UTC+3)



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You can participate (Event started, Registration open)