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Covalents 'Dungeons & Data' Competition

Covalents 'Dungeons & Data' Competition

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To Participate you need to Register here!

Bring both your pen and a sword to slay the biggest monster of them all - messy blockchain data! Choose your class and start doing challenges to get precious loot, such as free access to Covalent API, tokens, or even merch.

Pick your class: 

Twitter Bard

+100 USDT

Spread the word across the Twitter about Covalent using the hashtag #WhyCovalent; Be the first to answer quiz questions on Covalent Twitter. We pick the winners based on the quality/reach of their tweets!

Number of winners: 13
‍Reward: 100 USDT/winner
Dates: October 14 - November 18 

Pen Assassin

+200 USDT

Create and publish an original article on one of the following topics:
- What is Covalent?
- Why Covalent?
- What problems can be solved with Covalent? 
- Open topic - pick up your own topic to write about (must be relevant to Covalent)

Number of winners: 10 
Reward: 200 USDT/winner
Dates: October 14 - November 18

The articles must be original, interesting and in English language.
Submit your work here.

Master Artist

+200 USDT

Create original graphics about - or relevant to Covalent. This can be an infographic piece, explanation graphics or even an art piece. 

Number of winners: 15
Reward: 200 USDT/winner 
Dates: October 14 - November 18

Submit your work here

Quiz Ranger

+10 USDT

Be the first one to correctly answer a quiz question. 10 quiz questions are to be posted on Covalent Chat on random time every weekday. 

Total amount of questions: 140 Reward: 10 USDT/question
Dates: October 15 - November 3

Puzzle Paladin

+300 USDT

Join the quest to unravel complicated puzzles.There will be 7 rounds of puzzles on various topics - Data Science, Cryptocurrency and others. The goal is to answer a specific question and then complete the sequence of challenging (but fun) intellectual tasks - decipher the encoded messages, solve riddles, find hidden clues. 

Number of winners: 20 
USDT for the first person to complete the round: 300 
- 18 random participants who will finish puzzle within time limit will receive 50 USDT points each;
- The best answer to the question will receive 50 USDT. 

Rounds dates: October 19, October 22, October 26, October 29, November 2, November 5, November 9.  

Data Barbarian: Write-Up

+500 USDT

Every participant has to create the most persuasive post on the topic “Why does blockchain data matter to the crypto space?”. The participants aren’t limited with regards to content or the form, it can be a single post with an image only, a slogan, a Twitter thread, a personal anecdote, a blog or a story. The main criteria according to which the posts will be judged is “Does this post explain why careful provision of blockchain data is important? Is the post persuasive?” 

Number of Winners: 13
USDT for the first place: 500 
Second place: 300
Third place: 200 
Forth Place: 100 
5th-13th places: 50
Dates: October 14 - November 18

Submit your work here

Data Barbarian: Visualization (Coming Soon)

Wizards, time to get your hands dirty! Pick a dataset provided by Covalent or one of our partners and do some data visualization magic. Participants with the best-looking, most informative submissions will get the best loot. The amount of loot and the dataset depends on the partner that you pick, so choose wisely!

Data Barbarian: Data Science (Coming Soon)

For the more advanced data barbarians we and our partners also prepared datasets on some of the most interesting topics in the crypto industry, which involve X, Y and Z. Your goal would be to work with the data and present it in a scientific way.

Data Barbarian: Case Studies (Coming Soon)

Only for the bravest and mightiest data warriors: pick one of the topics provided by Covalent or partners and prepare a case study on it. Depending on the depth of your research and analysis, you’ll be able to get legendary loot reserved only for the true heroes! We will make sure our menestrels write epic songs about the best case studies and that your name will be written among the names of best blockchain data scientists.


Why limit yourself to one path if you can take many at the same time? Register and try your abilities in multiple competitions - no penalties!


Take the crypto-data challenge to win over 25,000 USDT in rewards. All are welcome - data scientists, artists, writers and puzzle solvers!

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14 Oct 2020 06:00(UTC+3) - 18 Nov 2020 18:00(UTC+3)



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