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Corners Of Space Ambassador Program

Corners Of Space Ambassador Program

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How to Join COS Fam?

You can become a member of our fam in a few steps:

  1. Fill in the form
  2. Finish your onboarding here.
  3. Check COS Space Fam Program ranks and the points system.

Who Can Join The Program?

You are welcome whether you are:

  • an experienced blockchain enthusiast;
  • a newbie willing to explore the industry;
  • a creative one ready to generate catchy content.
  • an avid player who wants to share experience;
  • an early adopter teasing the projects’ progress;
  • a gamer;
  • socials expert.

All you need is to contribute to the community development! For instance, you can get points for making pics or writing texts.

What Are The Perks?

COS fam has multiple benefits, including:

  • Exclusive early access to the beta version of the game for top contributors.
  • Stablecoin compensation for the top contributors.
  • Exclusive Corners of Space NFTs.
  • Early access to the most promising projects of the COS partners.

Enjoy these fit bonuses, and remember: rewards will grow as you level up your rank.

How Does The Ranking Work?

COS has 4 ranks. To level up, you need to broaden your activities and meet the requirements of each rank mentioned below:

The Points System

The more points you get, the higher your rewards are. The team checks and evaluate all your content manually so everything is transparent and fair. Just check the tasks' types, examples, and the number of points you can get.

Additional Roles

COS fam members can play important roles in the community. Each of them requires particular actions and, surely, has a unique place in the COS world.

For instance, in addition to your rank role, you can become The Universe Shaper, boosting the project’s popularity and adoption, or The Big Bang, who is always down to discussions with the COS community.

Check the options and remember that to gain any of them, you should become the Corners Colonel first. And, of course, we’ve also prepared some special rewards for each additional role.

  • The Universe Shaper: a person who generates legit COS-related texts and gives the voice to our universe;
  • The Observator: a person who makes video content about COS to let more people see our space realms;
  • The Starburster: a person who invites more enthusiasts and broadens the community intensively;
  • The Meme Matter: a person who turns the Dark matter in memes;
  • The Planet Shaper: A person who crafts visual content related to the project;
  • The Big Bang: a person who is always online discussing COS in chats.

Things To Consider

  • All your content should be no-cap original. 
  • All your content should have #cornersofspace #cors #cosSpaceFam hashtags.
  • If you want to boost your progress, stay as active as you can and experiment freely: you can choose your unique path.
  • Stay tuned: we will introduce updates and treat you with fresh tasks with the development of the game.
  • In case you are new to GameFi, don’t be afraid to join the fam. You can upgrade your Web 3 skills and get more knowledge on your journey.




Corners Of Space is a next-gen roguelike space adventure with an intriguing plot, sustainable economy, and DOPE earning options. By joining it, you can influence the development of the project and its future and maximize your COS experiences and rewards.

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