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The first generation of web3 games involved little more than simple thought experiments and dressed up DeFi protocols, because the industry lacked a web3 game development solution that combines the functionalities of a AAA game engine with the undeniable benefits of web3 technology. All of this is about to change.

With the upcoming launch of COMBO’s testnet, it will be easier than ever for developers to spin up feature-rich games that mirror the complexity and excitement of legacy gaming titles. COMBO is aware of the challenges game developers regularly face within today’s high pressure, high performance market conditions — and have tailor-made solutions to streamline future game development.

COMBO’s Phased Launch — Multiple Stages with Bonus Rewards

COMBO launch will roll out across multiple stages to guarantee a secure and seamless transition. Participants who actively participate in each stage will be eligible for bonus rewards.

Phase I is the Testnet Launch, where participants can test the COMBO network’s features and capabilities. From there, the project will continue to introduce new COMBO features on a rolling basis to let users familiarize themselves with everything COMBO has to offer. This will culminate in the Mainnet Launch — at which stage participants will be able to utilize the COMBO network for a broad spectrum of vivid, real-world scenarios.

Token Allocation — Early Adopter and Community Airdrop

COMBO tokens are key to incentivizing participation and growth across the broader COMBO ecosystem.

17% of the token supply that has not yet been released will be allocated to the community, with the specific details to be determined based on the community’s behavioral records.

These rewards will be distributed to the community after the mainnet goes live and will be based on metrics such as Total Value Locked (TVL), transactions, daily activity, etc. Participants will have the opportunity to earn rewards based on their contributions to these metrics.

COMBO will be sharing more details soon on how you can earn and receive tokens, and the first few phases will focus on further developing the ecosystem and rewarding early adopters.

COMBO Builder Grants: A Chance to Win $500,000

COMBO is dedicated to building a vibrant ecosystem of top-tier gaming projects with blockchain-enabled features. COMBO Builder Grants are key to making this happen, and whether you’re an established gaming studio or indie developer the project invites you to apply for a grant.

COMBO Builder Grant benefits include unparalleled community traffic and social media engagement, cutting-edge technical support, and a remarkable investment opportunity of up to $500,000 per project.

Projects will be assessed based on various metrics. COMBO will reveal the specifics of the calculation process soon. Participants who meet the criteria will be eligible for additional rewards. Apply today using quick application form and help take your project to the next level.


COMBO is a leading provider of scaling solutions for Web3 game development. By leveraging the world’s top game engine, COMBO is building an open-source, decentralized, game-oriented Layer2 accessible to everyone. It aims to maximize the potential of Web3 games by connecting game developers with the entire ecosystem in an efficient, affordable, and secure way.





This testnet launch is the first of many steps towards unveiling COMBO’s killer features. To mark this occasion, COMBO prepared an amazing incentive plan for everyone who joins this exciting journey.

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