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ColdStack Cloud Grant Program

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The ColdStack team has worked tirelessly to make platform the best possible option for NFT artists to mint, store, and sell their unique works across the many available marketplaces. You may not know this, but many members of the ColdStack team are avid lovers of visual art, music, videography, and are ardent supporters of anything creative. Team hopes this love of art is evident in their webpage’s design.

Creating art is a labor of love, however the complexities surrounding, creating, storing and selling art can be time-consuming, and these efforts can limit the ability for artists to pursue their passion. More importantly, these necessary steps can sometimes be costly, impacting the amount of money artists are able to earn. ColdStack seeks to significantly reduce these expenditures, and make it much easier for artists to establish themselves across the NFT community.


This $100,000 grant will be divided up among those selected in portions of $2,000, for a total of 50 recipients. Those who are picked as grant-recipients will have the ability to store and mint their NFTs with ColdStack at no cost. They will be selecting artists and organizations based on a number of criteria such, which team plans to release shortly.

This criteria includes factors such as an individual’s financial need, technological proficiency, innovative ideas, as well as one’s artistic vision and mission.


Many prominent companies such as Microsoft and Amazon have set up cloud based grants in order to promote growth, as well as to assist individuals and organizations which stand to benefit from their services. ColdStack seeks to compete with these corporate giants from a financial perspective, and in turn they wish to show the same degree of charity they do, despite their comparatively limited resources. As far as team is aware, ColdStack is the first platform, and certainly the first decentralized storage platform, to offer such a cloud grant exclusively for the NFT art community. There is little question that NFTs are a critical development in the global artistic community, and that they allow artists to take greater control of their work while protecting themselves against the endemic downsides of being forced to partner with large companies in order to promote, license, and sell their art.

They at ColdStack look forward to working with the NFT art community extensively in the future, and team is excited to take part in this growing evolution of art as a whole. Check out the links below to read more about ColdStack, as well as to stay updated in regards to their platform’s development and for more details about their cloud grants.



To further distinguish ColdStack’s respect and support for the artistic community, with a focus on helping to develop the budding NFT movement, team is proud to announce team will be enacting cloud grant program for digital NFT artists.

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