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ClayStack Ambassador Program Season 3

ClayStack Ambassador Program Season 3

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ClayStack, a decentralized liquid staking platform backed by leading funds and angels such as CoinFund, ParaFi, and Coinbase Ventures, will launch the Malawi Testnet later this month.  

The ClayStack platform empowers users to effortlessly stake their crypto assets while maintaining their liquidity. When users deposit crypto in the platform’s smart contracts, they receive an equivalent liquid derivative token that remains fungible and transferable and earns daily rewards.

This time the program is set up differently, rather than having an application form where the team ask questions. This time ClayStack is going to have contests for each skillset the team is looking for. The recruitment team will then evaluate the submissions and the best work will be onboarded into the ambassador program.

Here are the contests:

  1. Writing: Write a blog about ClayStack's timeline since the start of this year in more than 500 words
  2. Design: Design a background image for ClayClanDAO i.e a castle or anything that is relevant to ClayClan.
  3. Presentation: Create a PPT explaining how ClayStack works.
  4. Research: Write a documentation that explains in simple terms the future of Ethereum i.e Merge, Serge, Verge,..…

General Rules

  • You can choose only one contest to participate in. And there is only one submission per user so give your best.
  • Plagiarism of any kind will lead to disqualification.
  • The deadline for submission is 5th Sept 2022. i.e close of Season-3 recruitment.
  • Post your work on Twitter by tagging @ClayClan and put that link in the submission link section in the Google form.
  • Submission link

Writing and Research Rules:

  • The writing needs to be posted on Medium and then needs to be shared on Twitter as mentioned above.

Design Rules:

  • Using default templates found on the internet will not be accepted.
  • The design should follow ClayClanDAO brand guidelines and NOT ClayStack's brand guidelines. 
  • You can find the brand guidelines for ClayClanDAO here

Presentation Rules:

  • The minimum number of slides should be: 5



Season 3 of the Ambassador Program is finally here.

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