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ChainZ Arena The Legend of Tesla’s Bitcoin Giveaway

ChainZ Arena The Legend of Tesla’s Bitcoin Giveaway

    Based on legend, they announced the "The Legend of Tesla’s Bitcoin" event and give a chance to share 250,000 USDT

    Reward pool
    ~ $250,000
    Expected profit
    from $1
    Max participants
    DropsEarn score

  • Activity Type: Lottery Random reward Gambling Games
  • Date: 19 Aug 2020 12:00(UTC+3) - 2 Sep 2020 12:00(UTC+3)
  • Registration: Closed
  • Event status: You can't participate (Event ended)
  • Links: Official Announcement
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Giveaway Details

Amongst the medieval kingdom of ChainZ lies many hidden treasures waiting to be revealed. Once ruled by King Elon Tesla, the land was advanced way beyond its years, due to his wealth of knowledge and his knack for wizardry, old science and inventions. One of his first valuable and most remarkable inventions was a Coin that could transform into many things, whatever the heart desired it was yours! This was so valuable when the word spread of his mighty coin the need to have this grew across the land.


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According to legends he taught many in his ways of seeing the world and the skills he naturally acquired. He trained Mages and wizards alike. His main aim was to be ever so powerful that his teachings and inventions would forever leave an impression on this earth and live forever in his name.
It is said to be believed that the Mages he taught who roamed the land and soared skies guided by their dragons swoops and fiery breathe, left behind many valuable resources created by King Tesla. As Mages became more advanced they preyed on the weak and they gained strength storing power and treasures created by King Tesla in their dragons mighty spheres of stone we now know as Dragon orbs. The Legend has it that Mages stored these treasures hiding them throughout the land so that the Kings legacy lived on. With the Mages sorcery these treasures have said to have developed into more modern-day sophisticated treasures of today’s world! In the form of Crypto coins of the most sourced and valuable kind which King Tesla himself created all those many years ago.. known now as BITCOIN, Automobiles named after the Legendary King Tesla and also a powerful yet underestimated every-growing Etherium!


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After years of battle and war amongst kingdoms all that is left behind of these Dragons orbs concealing these treasures inside is 9 in total. Of which were scattered for their future descendants or of those who are brave and strong enough to find the hidden glory. This legend of Tesla's Legacy is marvelous and real and has come back to life today! Ready so we can continue to tell the tale of King Tesla.


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They say the only way to unlock this valuable treasure in the Medieval Era that is now the Land of ChainZ is when heroes are summoned. Then and only then will these possible treasures be found. They say under a full moon chests of hidden fortunes will appear some will be revealing the Dragon Orbs and some with be a worthless sorcery of potions. What will they hold amongst these amazing chests are random and One by One as the chests open they reveal the mystery legends spoke of, concealed amongst the brass, and aged soil, if you see the magical glow of Green. Blue, Gold, Red, purple or magenta YOU ARE THE CHOSEN ONE!

Event 1 Tesla’s Power Draw


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Each Advanced Summon will be rewarded with a King’s Chest. to open a chest you will need to consume King’s chest or 1.8 SOUL. Each King’s Chest will contain one of the following:

Tesla Model 3 (total 2)
BTC (total 4)
ETH x 10 (total 9)
Dragon Orbs 1–9 stars

Event 2 ChainZ Conqueror

Dragon Orbs can be exchanged for SOUL rewards. You will also receive Elon’s Star points. Star points will be used in the Leaderboard.

  • 1st : 1 x Tesla Model 3

  • 2nd : 1 x BTC

  • 3rd : 1 x 10 ETH

  • 4th-200th: Share 50k SOUL

1. During the Event, advanced summons will not be rewarded with SOUL, but you will be rewarded with a “lottery attempt”. Consuming 1.8 SOUL will also give you a “lottery attempt”. Frozen SOUL can also be used to gain a “lottery attempt”

2. Each “lottery attempt” you will be rewarded with one of the following :

  • 1 Tesla, 1 BTC, 10 ETH, 1–9 Star Dragon Orb
  • 1–3 Star Dragon Orb sold separately = 0.9SOUL/Orb
  • 4–6 Star Dragon Orb sold separately = 2.25SOUL/Orb
  • 7–9 Star Dragon Orb sold separately = 6.75SOUL/Orb
  • Exchange 1–3 stars at a single time = 3SOUL + 1 Star Point
  • Exchange 1–6 stars at a single time = 10.5SOUL + 5 Star Point
  • Exchange 1–9 stars at a single time = 33SOUL + 30 Star Point

All SOUL gained through exchanging Dragon Orbs will be Frozen.


  1. No SOUL will be rewarded for advance summoning during the event.
  2. Dragon Orb rewards will be rewarded immediately, all other rewards will be sent after event ends.
  3. ChainZ Conqueror rewards will be sent after event ends
  4. Dragon orbs can be sold individually, but will not gain star points
  5. Tesla rewards will be delivered in selected countries only. If in any case Tesla cannot be delivered the equivalent in USDT ($42000) will be sent