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Cartesi & DAO Maker Social Mining

Cartesi & DAO Maker Social Mining

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  • The tasks can be quick (sharing a link on social media) or can require more input (creating content)
  • Content can be general (Cartesi in 150 words) or feature specific (explaining unique features, creating comparisons, etc.)
  • Tasks can be on-going or time-specific and will vary in format (memes, articles, videos, infographics, etc.) 
  • Some tasks will accept multiple submissions per person; others will accept only one.

To gain access:

  • Users complete Level 1 KYC (will be enabled before the first Work Drop, name and address) and link MetaMask and social accounts
  • Users can complete a survey to identify languages spoken and areas of expertise (design, writing, influence, videos) to help admins to funnel them into specific groups. 
  • Users must hold 2000 CTSI to (this can either be in an ERC20 wallet or staked via Uniswap LP) qualify for the CTSI rewards


  • The total monthly community reward budget is set to be $3000 in CTSI  tokens.
  • Reward distribution will be bi-weekly (Work Drops) in the first month and monthly basis after. The first Work Drop will be on the 8th of February.
  • You’ll be rewarded for each task in CTSI HUB points - the reward will vary depending on the level of work required
  • Some tasks may have additional rewards (Task Drops) in CTSI token

To get started:

  1. Set up your account (complete the survey, connect your wallet, set your profile information, and connect your socials and MetaMask wallet). 
  2. Confirm in the first task
  3. Complete the second task to start promoting Cartesi on Social Media


Inspired by their community and ambassadors’ engagement, team’ve set up this community platform in cooperation with DAO Maker. Cartesi HUB gives every CTSI holder a chance to monetize his valuable contributions to the project’s success and progression.

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