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Cartesi DApp Incubation Program

Cartesi DApp Incubation Program

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How it works

  1. In phase I, between September 14 - October 12, 2020, submit your application to join the Cartesi DApp Incubation program in partnership with Gitcoin. You may request a budget (up to 20K USD) that you think will be enough to fund your project for three months and set your own development milestones along with delivery deadlines. With the timely achievement of each milestone, a portion of the total amount you requested will get unlocked and paid out to your team.
  2. In phase II, three teams will be selected out of all the applicants to build their Cartesi DApps, which must be submitted by February 1, 2021. Build your DApp in your preferred industry, while receiving mentoring from top experts in the field. 
  3. In Phase III, between February 8-19, an additional award will be determined by a Quadratic Funding system from Gitcoin. Cartesi will invest additional 20K in a matching pool (plus any extra amount raised by the community) to be distributed across the three projects in accordance with the number of votes each one has gathered.

How to Apply

Submit your application by October 12, 2020 before midnight ET. During the application process, specify the funding amount you request (up to 20K USD) and the key milestones you will achieve to unlock the payments.


  • September 14 to October 12, 2020: Submit your idea by filling out the application forms
  • October 13 - October 22, 2020: Review of applications 
  • October 23, 2020: Announcement of the three teams to join the incubation program
  • October 26 - January 25, 2020: Incubation program, mentoring & DApp building
  • February 1, 2021: Submission of final DApps
  • February 8- 19: Gitcoin community voting and Quadratic Funding
  • February 26, 2021: Announcement of the additional funds the teams will get

Workshop Schedule - Join on Airmeet:

  • September 22 at 12pm EST - Cartesi introduction and Q&A -with Augusto Teixeira, Cartesi Chief Scientific Officer.
  • September 29 at 12pm EST - Cartesi Hands-on Developer Tutorial with Milton Jonathan, Senior Software Engineer.

Ideas for DApp Development


Interested in DeFi? Applications built on Cartesi will be able to perform complex and intensive computation involving large amounts of data. These features give DeFi immense power, releasing it from the current scalability constraints of blockchain, in a fully decentralized way. Additionally, Cartesi allows for blockchain introspection. Parties can enter into contracts that depend on the entire state of the blockchain where the contracts are themselves defined. 


Gamer at heart? Cartesi will unleash vast new possibilities for blockchain games. You will be able to use traditional tools and libraries that can be compiled for Linux for your decentralized game logic. Additionally, game state processing will be free from the computational limits and high fees of blockchains without the need to sacrifice decentralization. Check out Creepts, our first tower defense game.

Social Impact

Come up with an idea that will improve a social cause, such as safeguarding data privacy, improving the lives of others, facilitating transactions in communities, monitoring violence and other similar causes.


Three Selected Teams - Up to 20K USD to Each Team

  • Up to 20K USD to each of the three teams selected to join the Incubation program
  • Access to mentoring and training by experts in blockchain
  • Promotion of your DApp in Cartesi's channels and additional publicity opportunities

Additional Rewards 20K+ USD

  • Cartesi will invest 20K USD in a matching pool, to be distributed among the top three teams according to Gitcoin’s Quadratic Funding system. But that’s not all! Any additional funds raised by the community will get added as a bonus to each team’s winnings.


  • Originality and creativity of the idea
  • Functionality of the code and the DApp
  • Practicality and expected reach
  • Great user experience (when applicable)
  • No plagiarism or infringement on intellectual property rights
  • Solving a true problem
  • Relevance and priorities of the Cartesi ecosystem
  • Ability of the team to continue development 
  • Team’s qualifications and proven experience
  • Clarity and quality of the technical proposal
  • Clear deliverables and milestones
  • Proposed product documentation
  • Security of the DApp’s users
  • Development methodologies (e.g. automated testing, CI, tools, processes)


  • Developers can join the team individually or as a team with as many members they want
  • All DApps must be built using the Cartesi Descartes SDK
  • The project needs to be released as open-source code. Apache 2.0 is preferred; GPL v3 is also acceptable. 
  • All final submissions including at least a working prototype, documentation and automated tests must be delivered before February 1, 2021, midnight EST. All submissions must include a completed form, operable program, code, and descriptive documentation using a GitHub link.
  • Submissions must be in English. All program communication must be in English
  • Cartesi will subsidize a maximum of 1 selected project per team.
  • Participating teams and developers keep the ownership and intellectual property rights of their projects.  
  • All teams provide consent to be featured by Cartesi in various marketing activities and agree with the use of any team member’s name, voice, likeness, and biographical information in connection with the contest for any commercial, publicity, or promotional purpose without limitation, review, approval or compensation
  • Cartesi has the right to choose, at its own discretion and criteria, which of the projects will be selected to join the Incubation Program. Cartesi does not have to provide feedback.
  • The Cartesi Foundation will notify the approved applicants once their proposal has been accepted for funding.
  • For the teams to get approved in the program, Cartesi may need to request for revisions and changes on top of the proposal that the team submitted originally. 
  • Payouts schedule. Disbursements should occur according to partial milestones specified in the team's project roadmap and as discussed with the Cartesi team. Payouts will be made on specific dates each month decided and communicated by Cartesi
  •  No purchase necessary to apply or to be approved in the program.
  • Only people above 18 years old are eligible to participate.
  • (1) The application must be the original work of the individual participant or the participating team; (2) third-party technology used by the individual participant or the participating team must be subject to valid perpetual, irrevocable licenses; (3) Third-party software used must also be open-source and its usage must be compatible with the license of the code to be developed by the team. 
  • Cartesi reserves the right in its sole discretion to suspend, modify, or terminate the contest at any time or disqualify and terminate the relationship with the participating teams. 
  • Cartesi will invest additional 20K in a matching pool. The matching pool and any extra amount raised by the community will be distributed across the three projects in accordance with Quadratic Funding methodology by Gitcoin
  • Full Terms & Conditions here


Build your DApp in Linux with Cartesi $80k+ in prizes to the best 3 DApps.

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14 Sep 2020 07:00(UTC+3) - 19 Feb 2021 07:00(UTC+3)



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