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Capella Finance Incentivised Beta Test

Capella Finance Incentivised Beta Test

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Capella Finance is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) which is building a technology that will unify all Decentralized Finance (DeFi) protocols under one simple mega-protocol. The Capella platform is built with the main focus of identifying, analyzing, and interacting with the best DeFi yield optimizing protocol investment options (known as vaults) on any blockchain in order to provide its users with the tool they need to navigate the DeFi space as investors. In other words, Capella Finance mission is to build a Google Search engine counterpart for the DeFi and become the world’s gateway into the future of the economy.

Capella Finance offers the optimal features that best suit its investors.

  • non-custodial, as assets are deposited to and deployed automatically via smart contracts, and users always maintain 100% ownership of their funds and can retrieve them at any time;
  • trustless, as assets are algorithmically deployed through the specifications laid out by Capella pool strategy’s smart contracts;
  • permissionless, as no signup, whitelisting, account verification, or otherwise is required to participate in the Capella ecosystem;
  • censorship-resistant, as users can always interact with the smart contracts directly, which fundamentally cannot be taken down or tampered with;
  • open-sourced, as any developer is welcome to build with Capella Finance, which, in fact, is highly encouraged and heavily incentivized;
  • fraud-resistant, as Capella’s ecosystem minimizes the risk of fraudulent activity typically associated with bordered, custodial, trusted, permissioned, closed source, and censored platforms; and
  • easy to use, as Capella’s user interface was designed to be as seamless as possible with one-click deposits and withdrawals, plus mechanisms for portfolio tracking and miscellaneous Capella Finance metrics.

How to join?

In order to take part in testing the beta version, you need to:

Join all Capella Finance social networks:

After that, you become a member of the beta test program and can start testing.

What next?

  1. Go to the portal
  2. Connect your Metamask to Capella
  3. Use your real deposit for any amount in different pools of your choice
  4. Earn as many rewards as possible during the beta test using your own strategy

Results Analysis

The following indicators will be analyzed:

  • the amount of the deposit in all pools;
  • deposits time;
  • the number of pools used;
  • the amount of earned rewards;
  • join at least 2 different pools to qualify as a potential winner at the end of the competition.

Based on this analysis, you will be awarded points.

At the end of the beta test, 1000 participants with the highest number of points will be selected for the Incentive. The Top-10 and Top-100 participants will receive the highest rewards! Winners will have to fill out a short form.

Bugs Report

You will also earn points for finding bugs and actively making constructive suggestions, and you will move up the rankings even if you start testing later.

Participants who are active in identifying bugs and making constructive suggestions, but have not deposited into the pools, will also qualify for rewards.

Capella Finance encourages users to test as many features as possible, and would also like to point out that this is still a beta and things may not yet be perfect, so the team would really appreciate your feedback on your experience with the protocol that you can share on the discord feedback form:

# beta-test-bugs — for detected bugs

# beta-test-suggestions — for improvement suggestions


For each referral who will take part in beta test you will be awarded points.

If your referral does not participate in beta test you will not receive additional points.

The active testing phase will last until the end of the private round.

DAO Governance

Beta test participants will get rewards for testing the Capella Finance DAO governance system. The holders of the native CAPE token will make the main strategic decisions of Capella Finance, including the distribution of Capella Finance earnings.

In order to test the governance system, you will have to stake CAPE tokens on Capella Finance platform, thus becoming a member of the Capella Finance DAO.

Also don’t forget that according to Capella Finance DAO rules all Capella Finance holders who stake CAPE  will be receiving daily rewards proportional to their holdings, as Capella Finance dividend system implies that all Capella earnings are distributed to holders. More liquidity on Capella — more earnings for Capella Finance DAO, the more CAPE you stake, the more rewards you receive.

What do I need to know before the start?

After you make your deposit to the pools, you will receive the APY according to the selected pool. All rewards that you receive during the beta test time belong only to you.

Capella Finance does not use test tokens in the beta test, you will pay transaction fees from your own mainnet wallet, thankfully gas fees are low now and Capella Finance will also be adding other blockchains to the protocol shortly.

The most active testers will get generous rewards.

Capella has reserved up to 3% ($300,000) of the total supply for airdrops, ambassador program and beta test to reward its loyal community and early adopters. Beta test users will retrospectively receive CAPE token rewards for their active role in testing the protocol, the size of which will be determined by factors such as value deposited across all pools, the length of the deposits, number of legitimate referrals and feedback provided.




Capella Finance is announcing the Incentivized beta test so that every participant has the opportunity to get rewards. The project invites everyone to take part in the Incentivized beta test and enjoy Capella’s features.

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