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Bware Labs Ambassador Program

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The program will be open to the most engaged and involved members of the community, and is designed to help educate everyone about the high performing and most reliable infrastructure services being developed at Bware Labs.

Why join the Bware ambassador program?

By becoming a member, you will be at the forefront of the next wave of Web3 Infra products. You’ll be a critical part of expanding the Bware Labs brand name globally, promoting our suite of industry-leading development tools, while getting access to exclusive perks ahead of the upcoming token launch such as:

  • Early whitelisting
  • Exclusive Alpha
  • Direct access to our core team via Telegram
  • Genesis utility NFTs
  • A grants program for funding conference and IRL event visits
  • Early access to test new Bware Labs products
  • Become a full-time paid core team member for Bware Labs

How does it work?

The Brainiac Program is made up of 6 tiers all detailed below, each one requiring more effort and involvement than the next, but in return offers higher and more lucrative rewards too.

Tier 1 — Community Member

To become a Community Member simply join our Discord/Twitter/Telegram channels.

Everybody who joins and verifies on Discord will be able to secure a Community Member role. This is required to move on to the next level.

Tier 2— Bware Supporter

Anybody who becomes a Bware Supporter within the first few weeks of the program will be eligible to be picked to win a genesis Bware Labs NFT, which will provide future utility related to the upcoming token drop. (Utility to be revealed closer to launch). You will also then be able to work towards becoming a Bware Ambassador.

To qualify and maintain your Bware Supporter status you must:

  • Continue to produce regular content about Bware Labs
  • Be active in Discord/Telegram channels helping to answer community questions
  • Share, engage, and promote Bware Labs announcements on social media

At the end of every month, you can submit your Discord and Twitter username and links to all the content you’ve shared about Bware in the Ambassador form HERE. The team will hand-pick those who are worthy of progressing, to become a Bware Ambassador.

Tier 3— Bware Ambassador

Once picked to be a Bware Ambassador, things start to really get exciting for you.

As an Ambassador you will

  • Be given the power to promote and recommend other recruits from the community
  • Granted indefinite access to our community Alpha group (First to know updates, news, testing product features etc.)
  • Be added to the token release Whitelist
  • Your best content will be promoted and distributed directly from the Bware Labs official accounts to boost your notoriety.

To maintain the Ambassador role you will need to continue to be an active member of the community.

Tier 4— Community Lead

Only the very best performing Bware Ambassadors will have the opportunity to elevate their role to the Community Lead level. If you are selected for promotion by the team, you will still need to be approved through voting by all the other members of the alpha lounge. If you are successful you will enjoy the following benefits;

  • A more involved role in helping to run and maintain the Bware Labs community channels
  • Added to a unique Community Lead Telegram chat, to chat directly with the Bware Labs team.
  • The ability to recommend partnerships and brainstorm new ideas with the team directly
  • Have early access to all product updates and news from the team, as well as updates about listings before they are live
  • You will also be eligible to apply for a Bware grant, which can be used for a number of things such as representing us at conferences around the world or organizing IRL meet-ups with the community and our partners.

Tier 5— Bware Labs Team Member/Employee

The very best Community Leads, if they have proven themselves worthy over time, will be invited to become a full-time Bware Labs core team member on a paid salary.

This is for the elite and rewards those who have contributed most to the community by offering the chance to become a full-time Web3 employee at Bware Labs with added perks and benefits.

Early bonus initiative

Love being early? So do we. That’s why for the first 2 weeks only (between Feb 22 — March 15, 2023) we are giving away 80 unique genesis NFTs to select Bware Supporters who have produced the best content. We will be crowning our first 15 Bware Ambassadors — our real OGs and providing them immediate access to our alpha lounge in Discord.

General rules:

  • Follow our social media channels (Twitter/Discord/Telegram)
  • Use only original content
  • Submit your work only once (no duplicate submissions of the same tweet/article/video etc.)
  • Low-quality work will be disqualified.
  • The Bware team will select the winners in each category.

If the quality of submitted work doesn’t meet the criteria of accuracy, brand standards & quality determined by the Bware Labs team, the number of winners and rewards will be reduced.

Content Guidelines:

  • Article: At least 500 words.
  • Video: At least 15 seconds long.
  • Twitter Threads: Min. 3, no max tweets.
  • Infographics: High-quality work.
  • Meme: Create an original, funny meme about Bware.


Every content submission should be posted on Twitter, including tagging @BwareLabs, the campaign hashtag #brainiacs, and emoji.


Those 80 winners will be divided into several categories:

  • Article (10 winners)
  • Video (10 winners)
  • Twitter Thread (20 winners)
  • Infographic (20 winners)
  • Meme (20 winners)




Bware Labs has launched the Bware Brainiacs program, a community initiative where top contributors can be recognised & rewarded for contributing high value content to the Bware ecosystem and community.

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