Brave Rewards BAT

Brave Rewards BAT

    Brave Rewards is built on the Basic Attention Token (BAT). When you join Brave Rewards, your browser will automatically start tallying (only on your device’s local storage) the attention you spend on sites you visit. Once a month, Brave Rewards will send the corresponding amount of BAT, divided up based on your attention, from your local browser-based wallet to the sites you’ve visited. You can remove sites you don’t want to support, and tip creators directly too.

    Reward pool
    No limit
    Expected profit
    from $5
    Max participants
    No limit
    DropsEarn score

  • Activity Type: Airdrop Referral
  • Date: TBA
  • Registration: Open
  • When reward: Daily
  • Event status: You can participate (Event started, Registration open)
  • Links: Download Brave Understanding
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How To

For Desktop users:

  1. Download the Brave browser
  2. Enable “Brave Rewards” during the setup
  3. Use Brave browser for 30 days
  4. You will be dropped 30 BAT tokens
  5. The 30 BAT received can be used to tip someone (any friend or a content cretor you would like to support)
  6. For every referral you will get $5 in BAT tokens
  7. To get your own referral link simply follow this link and click on “Create account” to register as a creator
  8. Go to “Brave Rewards” and view ads to earn free BAT tokens daily

For Android/iOS app users:

  1. Download the Brave browser on your Android device
  2. Go to your search bar within the Brave browser app and type chrome://flags
  3. Search for “Rewards” and click on the “Default” button and then select “Enabled”
  4. Click on “Relaunch now” and once it’s done a BAT icon will appear in the Brave browser interface
  5. Now you can complete the same steps as mentioned in the Desktop steps to be eligible from token grants worth 25-40 BAT tokens