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Bluzelle's Incentivized Program

Bluzelle's Incentivized Program

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Reward pool

$30 000

2 500 000 BLZ

Expected profit

from $5

from 500 BLZ

Max participants

No limit

DropsEarn score


Normal, Low Risks

How to

  1. Go to “Swarm of Duty”  Website
  2. You can see the different “duties” under 4 categories: developers, validators, delegators and ambassadors. You can claim any of them based on your own interests and expertise. You will be able to claim the respective rewards once you complete each “duty”. 

Additional Information

With recent CURIE Testnet launch, Bluzelle has become the first database to update its consensus engine and use the Cosmos and Tendermint technology stack, ensuring that all nodes remain in sync and deterring malicious behavior.

The “Swarm of Duty” program is designed for various stakeholders in the Bluzelle ecosystem to familiarize themselves with the token economics and learn about staking on the network through gamification.

If you are a developer, you can start creating (d)apps on BluzelleNet, to tackle various special dev-focused projects with prizes.

If you are a token holder, you can sign up as a validator to help run our network with rewards. Or you can delegate your tokens to validators and earn staking rewards.

Launch of Bluzelle Wallet

As part of the program and to prepare for full staking, you can now start creating your Bluzelle BNT wallet. You will need this wallet to stake and receive our rewards going forward. To get started, read wallet creation tutorial below. Currently this wallet is for set up only.

Tutorial Bluzelle Wallet

In addition, updated documents page where you will find our updated overview which covers all the new components and technology with Bluzelle. That is also where we will be adding new guides, tutorials and information related to developers, validators, delegators and community.


Swarm of Duty is a program centered around staking on Bluzelle. It is for all participants of the Bluzelle ecosystem to simultaneously on-board to staking and strengthen the network. Swarm of Duty is for validators, token holders, and developers.


9 Apr 2020 00:00(UTC+3) - 21 May 2020 12:00(UTC+3)



Event Status

You can't participate (Event ended)