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Blocto Token Bounty Program

Blocto Token Bounty Program

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Program Details & Rules

  • The goal of the content is to highlight Blocto and Blocto token (BLT) and its advantages to reach more audiences. We believe in the value Blocto brings to the blockchain world and we want you to help spread the gospel!
  • Low-quality and plagiarized content will not be accepted. Inaccurate and unfactual contents will not be accepted.
  • Users will only be awarded once for approved content. The Blocto team will review each submission to ensure factual and quality content.
  • There are quotas for each specific bounty, the reward is distributed on a first come first serve basis. The Blocto team will continue to reward high-quality content even if the bounty quota is filled.
  • Participants should be well aware that the IPR of the content will be assigned to Blocto once they submit the form.
  • Approved contents must be willing to perform at least one revision if requested. Blocto also reserves the right to ask participants to remove their content if necessary.
  • Participants must register a Blocto account to receive bounty rewards.
  • Participants using any means including but not limited to creating multiple accounts, using bots or spamming will be disqualified.
  • Blocto will disqualify participants who violate local law or reside in a country that forbids cryptocurrencies.
  • Blocto reserves the right to cancel or amend the event or event rules at our sole discretion.

Article Campaign — Reward Pool: 1,000 USDT + 20,000 BLT

Content requirements

  • at least 500 words
  • at least 2 images ( You can use images from Blocto official channels or produce your own) Include hashtags and links of our website, social media channels, and white paper or one-pager in the description of your article.
  • Accepted Languages: no restrictions, EN / RU / ZH/ KR/ JP are preferred
  • Suggested Platform: Medium / Reddit / 4chan / Quora / Steemit / Newbium / Bitcointalk
  • Submit to: for review

Video Campaign — Reward Pool: 1,600 USDT + 40,000 BLT

Content requirements

  • at least mention one of the following topics: #Blocto / #BloctoSwap / #BLT
  • Include hashtags and links of our website, social media channels, and white paper or one-pager in the description of your video.
  • Accepted Languages: no restrictions, EN / RU / ZH / KR / JP are preferred
  • Suggested Platform: Youtube / Twitch / BiliBili / LBRY / D.Tube / Dlive / Bitchute / THETA / Verasity / Livepeer
  • Submit to: for review

Translation Campaign — Reward Pool: 200 USDT + 10,000 BLT

Content requirements

  • Participants need to post their translated content on a legit social media platform meeting one of the criteria below:
  • > 500 followers in your own social media thread (Facebook / Twitter / Instagram…etc)
  • > 300 members in a social media group (Telegram / Discord / Signal / Wechat / Reddit / Line…etc)
  • Accepted Content (Official Announcement, BLT White Paper (EN / ZH excluded), BLT One Pager, Bounty Program Info)
  • Accepted Languages: no restrictions, EN / RU / ZH/ KR / JP are preferred
  • Google Translation and similar tools are forbidden
  • If the content has been translated and accepted by Blocto Team, the following content would not be accepted.
  • Criteria of participants’ social media accounts (at least 1 year old, > 500 followers, crypto-related posts history with great quality, regular engagements)
  • Submit to: for review

Telegram Sticker & meme Campaign — Reward Pool: 400 USDT + 10,000 BLT


Blocto Ambassador Campaign


  • 5 Gold Ambassadors: 40 USDT + 1,000 BLT per person
  • 10 Silver Ambassadors: 30 USDT + 750 BLT per person
  • 15 Bronze Ambassadors: 20 USDT + 500 BLT per person


  • Blocto team will select Bounty program participants who produce the most thorough and quality content to become our recurring content producer.
  • Criteria of Blocto Ambassadors (incl. but not limited to the under)
  • A Blocto user who is familiar with our products
  • Produce valuable content which passes the review from Blocto Team
  • An active user in Blocto Official social channel
  • Further advantages and pay will be disclosed for being a Blocto Ambassador


Blocto App has announced its bounty program. Article/Video/Translation/Sticker & meme Bounty available.

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9 Apr 2021 06:00(UTC+3) - 19 May 2021 18:00(UTC+3)



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