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Blockzero Labs "XIO Social Initiative Program"

Blockzero Labs "XIO Social Initiative Program"

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Getting Started 

Types of Hashtags 


  • Goal: Deep insight and perspective on a given topic. Pros and cons of a given situation.
  • Primary Location: XSI Forum + Facebook Group.
  • Grading Time Frame: Up to one week.
  • Grading System: Quality focused (up to 15 credits per platform, multiplier may apply).


  • Goal: Quick responses. A kind of “flash-marketing” system where only the first X people to comment, retweet, or share get rewards. Team don’t expect debate here, and will usually award 3 standard credits.
  • Primary Location: Twitter.
  • Grading Time Frame: Up to one hour.
  • Grading System: Quickness focused (3 standard credits).


  • Goal: Looking for general feedback. Not a debate. You are expected to provide a short answer on different topics as a logo, headline or idea.
  • Primary Location: All outlets.
  • Grading Time Frame: Up to three days (72 hours.
  • Grading System: Quickness + Quality (You can earn up to 9 credits per platform).

How to Earn

Everything revolves around #XIO hashtags. If you see this hashtag used in any of the official XIO social platforms, it means that post is eligible for rewards. Rewards are paid out monthly to Citizens who earn Credits. If you manage to reach the XSI Leaderboard, you will receive a Multiplier on your Total XIO Holdings.

Finishing in the Top 10, the amount of XIO Tokens in your wallet will earn 10% interest. Finish in the Top 25, your wallet will earn 5% interest. Finish in the Top 100, your wallet will earn 2.5% interest. Tokens must have been held for 30 days to be eligible for Multiplier.

To prevent Sybil attacks, participants must be an XIO Citizen and have 250 XIO in their wallets to be eligible.  If you don’t have 250 Tokens, join on Telegram and participate in debates and discussions.

Scoring System 

The more value a comment provides the more credits can be earned. Therefore the following grading system will be applied to all comments. (Different hashtags have different max amounts to be earned.)

  • zero quality (0 - not relevant) if the comment has no reverence to the question asked.
  • average quality (3 - at least one quality reason, example) if the comment contains some explanation giving at least one simple reason or example (also if referring to another comment asking for explanation or further detail)
  • high quality (9 - multiple good reasons, examples) if the comment answers the question or refers to another comment articulating multiple pros and cons.
  • extraordinary quality (15 - special contribution) if the comment is a special contribution to the discussion e.g. by introducing an unique or controversial idea sparking further discussion, summing up previous statements in an extraordinarily comprehensive way, etc.

Social Surge

Want to level up your XSI game?  Instead of just earning credits from replying to XSI posts, Citizens can now jumpstart a topic of their own and earn 10% of all credits their topic generates.

Any Citizen can submit a topic on the XSI Forum under this section (click: “start a new conversation” at the bottom). Once submitted, the team can review the quality and relevance of the post. If the XIO Council deems it high enough quality, it will be promoted to “Official XSI Sponsored Post” and immediately be eligible to earn credits on.

Best chances to become a sponsored post are those that (i) are expected to spark controversial discussion, (ii) collect valuable feedback or ideas on future development of the network, (iii) are available for all citizens to comment on, and (iv) may have already started a lively discussion.

If the post generates 1000 credits, the topic creator will earn 100 credits of their own. The selection of relevant topics will be chosen by XIO Council members taking into account community feedback.


The XIO Social Initiative is a program to reward Citizens of the Network for their quick, consistent, and quality engagement across all social platforms.

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from 28 Jan 2021 12:00(UTC+3)



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