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Bittrex Global & HedgeTrade Giveaway

Bittrex Global & HedgeTrade Giveaway

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Reward pool

up to $5,000,000

equal in HEDG

Expected profit

20% deposit bonus

up to $5000 in HEDG

Max participants

No limit

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Easy, High Risks

How To 

  1. Signs up on HedgeTrade using the following link: SIGN UP
  2. Purchases HEDG tokens on Bittrex Global
  3. Deposits HEDG to HedgeTrade directly from your Bittrex Global account within 7 days
  4. Giveaway: Within 14 days HedgeTrade will deposit a 20% bonus of HEDG tokens into your account ($5,000 USD equivalent in HEDG tokens max per user)

Additional Information

What is HedgeTrade?

The HedgeTrade platform brings together expert traders and novices in a win-win social trading ecosystem. Experienced traders can earn HEDG tokens by sharing trading predictions. Users that access these predictions can execute the trades on Bittrex Global to subsequently make a profit on the trade. The more accurate and successful the traders are, the more visible they will become in the predictions marketplace and the more profit they can make.

How does HedgeTrade work?

  • Traders stake HEDG tokens and create a trading prediction available for purchasers on the HedgeTrade platform.
  • Purchasers can see the profit potential, staked amount, and the trader’s verified track record before they purchase the prediction. Once the user has purchased or unlocked the prediction, they can then see the entryand exit price that the trader predicted.
  • Prediction outcomes:
  • Correct predictions: the trader receives back their stake and the proceeds from the purchasers.
  • Incorrect predictions: the purchasers receive back their purchase priceand the trader loses their stake, which is distributed to the initial purchasers.

Traders that post accurate predictions can earn unlimited upside from an uncapped number of Purchasers. Purchasers only pay for the prediction when it becomes true and can execute the same trade on Bittrex Global to earn more profit on the trade itself.Bittrex Global is extremely excited to be the first exchange to partner with HedgeTrade. We think their model creates a win-win alignment between sophisticated traders and those looking for trading predictions.

About HedgeTrade:




Overview Video:

HedgeTrade is brought to you by Rublix Development Pte. Ltd., a software development company that is building blockchain-powered tools to fuel the next generation of fintech projects.

About Bittrex Global:

Our mission is to help advance the blockchain industry by fostering innovation, incubating new and emerging technologies, and driving transformative change.


Bittrex Global is partnering with crypto prediction social marketplace HedgeTrade to make it easier to share crypto market forecasts and successfully trade, regardless of experience. As a celebration of this partnership, HedgeTrade is giving away up to $5,000 worth of HEDG tokens to any Bittrex Global user.

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4 Jun 2020 06:00(UTC+3) - 11 Jun 2020 06:00(UTC+3)



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