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BitsCruch Community Program

BitsCruch Community Program

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bitsCrunch is a community-driven project, and that is partial because web3 has always offered a sense of community to individuals. Th team wanted to do something similar where they can spread awareness on various topics, ranging from NFTs’ core benefits to issues that are still prevalent in the ecosystem. bitsCrunch has had an exciting journey so far. 

The community members will have the opportunity to learn more about the NFT ecosystem, interact with industry experts and leaders, and engage in cross-community activities. Not only this, community members who successfully complete the quests will receive various incentives and rewards in the form of NFTs, tokens, early access to events, and more. Selected contributors will also earn a Soulbound token as a badge as well as a giveaway of $50 worth of .SOUL domain credits to showcase their badge. The credits will be given to whosoever has claimed the badge.

As part of this latest initiative, the team has decided that this program is available for everyone, regardless of whether you are part of the bitsCrunch community. Participants will be required to follow a series of quests and run various reward campaigns that will help bitsCrunch spread its mission across the wider web3 community. 

What is the project looking for:

  1. Someone who loves NFTs and the Web3 industry’s mission
  2. Experience in trading or crypto-related jobs (Preferred)
  3. Proficiency in English and your local language; with good writing skills
  4. Education background in Sales, Marketing, and Art (Preferred)
  5. Good organizational, leadership, and communication skills
  6. Experience in translation and writing (Preferred)


  • Earn Crypto as Rewards
  • Represent bitsCrunch on Web3-related seminars 
  • Access to bitsCrunch Unleash NFT dashboard for free
  • Become a Web3 educator across the world 
  • Get limited edition bitsCrunch Swag
  • Discord Nitro boost
  • Free ENS or Unstoppable Domain
  • Any Web3 Event Ticket Sponsorship
  • Token Allocation

How to Contribute

  1. Developer
  2. Business Developers
  3. Content Creator
  4. Local Chapter Leader
  5. Community Representative
  6. Other

How to Apply

  1. Community Contributors must add “NFT Investigator 🕵🏻🚨🔍🧐” on Twitter, Telegram, Discord, and LinkedIn after their name.
  2. Contributors are required to mention “NFT Investigator @bitscrunch“ in their bio.
  3. Submit the application 
  4. Join bitsCrunch Discord
  5. Introduce yourself
  6. You will get an email confirmation in 72 hrs




The bitsCrunch Community Program is intended to create a transparent and reliable NFT ecosystem, one that is free from illicit activities like wash trading, NFT forgeries, and price inflation. Now you can joining the project in its new endeavour and earn monthly rewards.

Activity Type





19 Dec 2022 06:00(UTC+3) - 1 May 2023 03:00(UTC+3)



When Reward:

every month

Event Status

You can participate(Event started, Registration open)