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Binance "The NFT Innovative Creators Program"

Binance "The NFT Innovative Creators Program"

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They’re looking for cutting-edge creators who know the latest trends and relish the opportunity to be featured on the Binance NFT Marketplace. All types of artists and creators are invited to join them on this great adventure, taking your first step into a highly profitable and exciting NFT journey.

Premium benefits for Binance NFT Innovative Creators:

  • The exclusivity to list their artworks in the first month after the Binance NFT Marketplace launches. With limited spots, this allows their art to be shown front and center to NFT collectors.
  • Binance will promote the selected artists' artworks on Binance official social media channels.
  • Binance will only charge a 1% transaction fee, and the artists will receive 99% of profit for the first sale of their NFTs as well as a 1% royalty payment from any subsequent NFT trades.

Steps to apply 

  • Send an email to [email protected]
  • Use “Application for Binance NFT: Innovative Creators Program” as the email title.
  • Please answer the following questions in the email:
    • A brief self-introduction
    • Your social media account(s) if any (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or others)
    • What’s your understanding of NFT?
    • Why do you want to apply for Binance NFT: Innovative Creators Program?
    • Your previous work samples. Team accepts multiple formats, including MP4, MPEG, AVI, wav, mp3, jpg, png, svg, gif, pdf, with 50MB at the maximum
    • If they are onboarding you as one of the innovative creators:
      • What kind of NFT content are you going to list on the Binance NFT Marketplace? Feel free to share your NFT artworks proposal with them.
      • How many NFT art pieces are you able to prepare in June?

Team will process the application on a rolling basis. Only successful applicants will be contacted by the Binance NFT team directly.

Risk warning:

Cryptocurrency trading is subject to high market risk. Please make your trades cautiously. Binance will make best efforts to choose high-quality coins, but will not be responsible for your trading losses.


To celebrate the launch of the Binance NFT Marketplace this June, team is calling all artists and creators to join the exclusive Binance NFT: Innovative Creators Program and have your artworks being minted into NFTs and featured on the Binance NFT Marketplace in the first month of its launching. This is the perfect opportunity to turn your talent into NFTs.

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20 May 2021 14:00(UTC+3) - 1 Jun 2021 03:00(UTC+3)



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