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Bifrost Contribution Program

Bifrost Contribution Program

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30 - 1000 BNC


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Easy, Low Risks

Program Details

Bug Submission and Publicity

Welcome to all the technical partners who support Bifrost. You can actively report problems to the administrator by checking and submitting the Bug of Bifrost on Github. Once the problem is checked and resolved, we will contact you as soon as possible to give you the reward you deserve. Here is Bifrost Github link: And please don't forget to leave your email when you submit the problem.


Bug Level        Rewards       
Low 30 BNC
Mid 200 BNC
High 500 BNC




Bifrost Address Bug Type          Github Issue       Bug Level       Rewards      
dDZ8RvMaeXRnkCaH4Zi6R******vtcmsEjisv9arRFZVqxd      UI Bug link Low 30 BNC
dDZ8RvMaeXRnkCaH4Zi6R******vtcmsEjisv9arRFZVqxd Runtime Bug link Mid 200 BNC



For this section you can provide open source github link for bots, dapps, services and tooling related contributions and we will reward your contribution after verification. Minimum 500 BNC, maximum 20,000 BNC will be rewarded.

Coding Case

Bifrost Addresses Code Type Github Issue Rewards
dDZ8RvMaeXRnkCaH4Zi6R******vtcmsEjisv9arRFZVqxd Bot link 500 BNC


Blog Bifrost

In order to let people from different regions have a certain understanding of Bifrost, we welcome those who love to write, through "Bifrost on the pen tip", and lead more friends to learn about Polkadot, DeFi, Staking and cross-chain through Bifrost. There are no restrictions on the writing platform. You can post your positive views on Bifrost on Medium, steemit or Bihu. The more likes and claps you get, the higher the reward will be. After the article is published, you can contact us via Bifrost's official email [email protected] and attach a link to your work. We will contact you as soon as possible after checking.

Article Requirements

Word Numbers  Content Article Depth Innovations Reward
2000 Polkadot/DeFi/Staking/Liquidity/Crosschain Able to deeply express Bifrost's impact in a particular field Articles with unique insights and based on industry analysis of Bifrost 166 BNC
1,000 Polkadot/DeFi/Staking A clear expression of Bifrost's in these fields The article can give its own positive assessment based on existing views 88 BNC
500 Bifrost event descriptions and tutorials Promote Bifrost event and write an esay tutorial Evaluate Bifrost's activities from your own perspective and write tutorials with your own style 66 BNC

Article Case

Bifrost Address Article Link        Rewards      
dDZ8RvMaeXRnkCaH4Zi6R******vtcmsEjisv9arRFZVqxd        Link 66 BNC


Local Community

Language differences are not a problem, set up a local community, become a Bifrost admin of local community and let more people know about Bifrost in a holistic way! Now we only have English and Chinese communities, we look forward to having you join us and let Bifrost shine with different language in the Polkadot Defi project!

Community Requirements

Community     Size Active Rewards       
Telegram 2000 members       40% of people in the group stay active         1,000 BNC
Riot 1000 members 30% of people in the group stay active 600 BNC
wechat 500 member 20% of people in the group stay active 300 BNC


Wiki Translation

There is no doubt that the Wiki is a window to quickly understand Bifrost, what is Bifrost, what problems Bifrost solves, and the influence and significance of Bifrost in the DeFi and Staking industries, you can learn more about it in the wiki. Here we update the latest activities and interviews, and also perfect the help documentation. In order to let more people know Bifrost in the language they are most familiar with, we seek and reward those who help us translate the Wiki. Here is how to translate WiKi Tutorial

Wiki Award Publicity

Bifrost Address Rewards


Bug, coding, blog, community and translation there is always a field you like to participate in the Bifrost ecological construction!

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Bug bounty

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