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At Bifrost Finance, these Asgardians are active community members supporting the protocol. The Asgardians are users with an incredible knowledge of the protocol and expertise in using decentralized finance, who might be incentivized for their participation and activities in Bifrost.


The goal is to add new members to the core team of Asgardians, and this initiative is a public call for all of the readers who think their profile may fit our requirements. We are looking to fill two main roles:

Moderation - Moderators will preside over Bitfrost Telegrams and Discord channels. Their duties will include welcoming newcomers, moderating content, answering member questions, finding and posting relevant content, and increasing Discord engagement coming up with new activities, contests, challenges and ideas to make the Discord channel active and the Telegram group up to date.

Moderators do not need to have specific technical skills but the quality of relationship they can build with users is essential. Answering users doubts or questions, finding who is able to address specific inquiries must be a priority, reflecting with their action the care Bifrost have for it users.

Outreach - A good product need to be advertised properly.
Outreach ambassadors or contributors have the specific task of sharing Bifrost latest news and offerings. Construct a meaningful communication related to Bifrost product releases, key collaborations, announcements, sharing them within ecosystem’s communities Bifrost is currently active.

Outreach ambassadors need to be active daily on CT, have a proven skillset in writing threads or creating content online, provide an active number of followers or having a leading position within Discord or Telegram communities. Ecosystems to cover at the moment are:

  • Ethereum
  • Polkadot
  • Filecoin
  • Kusama

But more will come, along with the new implementation of XCM.


Asgardians are usually paid for their contribution, proportionately to the work and effort put in place to help and boost the protocol growth. Fulfilling Asgardians requirements is mandatory to get rewarded: Tasks will be assigned on a weekly basis and the payments received will be gauged by the number of tasks the Asgardians can complete.

Rewards will be issued in BNC, the protocol’s native token. A contribution in USDT can be discussed and agreed under specific cases and circumstances.




House of Norse gods such as Odin, Thor, and Loki, Asgard also welcomed humans who fought along gods in the war to protect the Earth from the forces of darkness. Bifrost is the rainbow bridge that connects Earth with Asgard and is crossed by the gods and those who are worthy to be part of their kingdom: the Asgardians.

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from 19 May 2023 23:37(UTC+3)



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